TripIt Pro Review: Free Version Vs Pro – Why You Should Spend The Money


The first travel organizer application that I installed in my phone was TripIt and after that I’ve never looked up any other organizer. It is an extremely useful application that can be used by any traveller. Moreover, you only have to pay around $49 per year and trust me, it is totally worth it! For those that are considering keeping TripIt free vs TripIt Pro, we’ll explain the differences so you can see if it’s worth it for you to spend the extra money and buy TripIt Pro.


The $49 TripIt Pro Version

The things that makes TripIt Pro vs TripIt Free or other travel organizers is that it also provides with excel sheets and similar features that help travelers in tracking their plans. Moreover, it provides with automatic notifications about any delay at connection gates and flights via text, phone and email. On different occasions this app warned me about flight changes even before the airline did.

If I haven’t emphasized enough on the above-mentioned feature, let me narrate an incident for you guys. A little while ago, as I was getting into a taxi for my ride to the airport, my TripIt app updated that the flight will be delayed. Exactly after 15 minutes I was informed of the same news from the airline officially. This saved me a ride to the airport and back and of course, my money.

Another feature of the app is that it helps the user track their travel plans using their seat tracker alert. You just need to select the kind of seat you want for your flight. As soon as any spot opens, the app notifies the user immediately. Although I have not utilized this specific feature as yet, I’ve heard people raving about it in reviews.

Lastly, TripIt teams is somewhat like the pro version of TripIt and offers different sharing services that are especially valuable for small businesses and families. It also helps in making travel or trip arrangements much easier for larger groups.


The Free TripIt Version

Travelers can easily avail the free version of TripIt but it comes with relatively limited feature. However, even with the most basic version, travelers can organize their itineraries, from flight booking to car rentals. The app also offers access to concert tickets, enables traveller to track their booking, maps and directions and much more.

TripIt makes it happen by first scanning the relevant information from confirmation e-mails, and organizing all the data in its own version on the website and the app. All information is stored chronologically, thereby, keeping track of the previous trips, countries visited in the past and the number of miles flown.

In order to add travel plans, a traveller can enable TripIt to scan their e-mail automatically or insert all the relevant emails to the inbox of TripIt. It is preferable to use the latter option as you may face a few difficulties when using the auto feature; but it depends on the user. People who often have to travel due to their job or business can benefit from this application. Proper itineraries are updated when your profile is synced.

Apart from these advantages of TripIt, the best feature is that you can easily sync it with your calendar notifications, which automatically updates your phone and computer with the latest plans and travel information. I frequently update my plans on iCal. The benefit of having updated plans synced on mobile is that you can easily share them with anyone you want, whether it is your boss or family or friends.


Unlocking TripIt Pro For Free

Let’s be honest; nobody likes paying fees. I personally try to avoid them as much as I can and recommend others to do so too. Here’s how you can get TripIt for free: firstly, the one-month free trial period and secondly, one year free bonus but you need to sign disclosure for both.

If you want to avail free TripIt pro for 30 days then you need to become a member and sign up for the free trial. This app provides users with frequent notices about the charges they have to pay for getting professional version for life or any other thing they may be charged for. Moreover, they refund all money in case of any mistake or if a user ID charged by mistake.



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