East Coast Australia: 10 Best Places To Visit


The East Coast Australia is a paradise that you will never regret visiting. The Mecca of variable landscapes, this is one of those few places on Earth that’s never going to disappoint the adventurer in you! From the coastline to pristine beaches to exotic rainforests to banana plantations and sugarcane farms, the dynamic landscape has it all. Whether you plan to experience the vibrant city life and engage into enthusiastic beach hopping or in the mood for adventure sports like kangaroo chasing, surfing, scuba diving etc, the East Coast Australia is never going to disappoint you.

There are numerous transportation options to get around in this area but our recommendation would be driving as the beautiful Great Ocean roads bring out the adventurer in you on this epic trip to paradise! So, let us have a look at the top ten adventurous places to visit in East Coast Australia and who knows you may be already packing your bags for that ultimate trip to this place!


Adventurous Places To Go In East Coast Australia

Many places in East Coast Australia offered us exciting cases in order to be on this list! However, for the sake of a concise and detailed piece, we have shortlisted the top ten destinations that you must visit if you have less time and need to frame a bucket list before you embark on your journey! So, read on and find out the exotic and exciting places as well as the various activities that the East Coast Australia has to offer you!


Wild Australia Zoo At Sunshine Coast

Do you love spending time in the wild? Did you, like me, skipped sports broadcasts to catch the season premieres of “The Crocodile Hunter”? Well, the legacy of Steve Irwin a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter still lives on in the Sunshine Coast in the East Coast Australia. Founded by Irwin’s parents in Beerwah, The Australia Zoo is a wildlife sanctuary that can make any wildlife enthusiast jump up in joy! Managed by the Irwin family, this zoo is heavily involved in wildlife conservation and research endeavors. It serves as a home to numerous native Australian wildlife species like Koalas, Sumatran Tigers and lots and lots of crocodiles! Thus, the jaw snapping, koala patting, tiger watching action will ensure that you never get bored in this place!


Wine Tasting At Hunter Valley

After all that adrenaline rush and adventure, some wine tasting sessions are surely going to boost your spirits up. Head to Hunter Valley for exploring its beautiful and exquisite wineries and taste some of the most delectable samples that are bound to leave an impression on you. Home to exotics like the Shiraz and the Semillon, this place is surely going to awaken the wine connoisseur in you! If wine doesn’t catch your fancy then Hunter has an olive company and a chocolate factory as well! The best thing to do here is to hire a bike and cycle through the wineries in a leisurely afternoon!


Surfing At Byron Bay

Are you in the mood for some extreme surfing action? Experience the cool and laid-back atmosphere of Byron Bay and surf its “surfy” waters with extreme joy! The chilled out atmosphere and the pristine beaches are perfect complements to a satisfying surfing stint. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Byron has something to offer you. There are numerous rental shops to rent a surfboard and embark on the exotic adventure of riding the waves. If you are a beginner then you may opt for Clarke’s Beach as the waves are saner while Watego is a great beach for long-boarders.


The Vibrant Sydney

As the saying goes “You didn’t visit Australia if you didn’t visit Sydney”, the vibrant city is a home to multiple cultures and experiences that are bound to leave you with the best of impressions on Australia. The Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Circular Quay everything about this city oozes of stories about the beautiful past of this glorious country in the south. Stroll through its beautiful markets and experience its delectable cuisine and it will be something to remember for a lifetime. With Taronga Zoo, the Rocks, the numerous universities and the famous Bondi Beach, Sydney serves as the perfect dessert to your heavenly East Coast Australia trip!


Hiking & Exploring Townsville And Magnetic Island

Visit the Magnetic Island for exotic hiking and exploration adventures. The primary trail involves a walk through the rainforest where you can spot Koalas and then proceed to Radical Bay. The second walk is through Horseshoe Bay, especially famous for its beautiful sunsets. You can easily book a ferry to the island from Townsville.


Whale Watching At Hervey Bay

Don’t try to convince me that I didn’t get you jumping out of your seat with the very mention of whales! I mean, who doesn’t love to watch these gentle yet gargantuan creatures of nature swimming through the shallow waters in tranquility. Well, if whale watching is something that interests you than Hervey Bay is a must-stop destination in your trip to East Coast Australia. Experience the pleasure of watching Humpback Whales undertaking their annual migration from the east coast to Antarctica! The best part is when you get to watch a mother and calf breach at the same time.


Driving The Great Ocean Road

Never, I repeat, never miss the opportunity of driving through the Great ocean roads. Stretching over 248 miles long, you can cover the entire stretch in 5 hours starting from Nelson and ending at Torquay. The scenic drive offers you a number of visual pleasures like spotting koalas on gum trees, Twelve Apostles, the beautiful 19th Century cottages in Port Fairy and the gigantic Cape Otway Lighthouse, Australia’s oldest lighthouse. If you are in the mood for a stroll in a rainforest then the Great Otway national park is a must stop destination that will fall along the way. You can book a vehicle from one of the numerous vehicle rental companies in the area.


Getting Lost On Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and can only be accessed via a 4WD. If that doesn’t turn you on then read on to discover even more enthralling facts about this little island haven. The crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie is bound to get you excited for a refreshing bath while a stroll through its vast rainforest will get you to Lake Wabby, the island’s deepest lake. You can visit the shipwrecked Maheno or embark on an adventurous trek on the huge sand dunes at Hammerstone Sandblow. Oh, wait, if you’re lucky enough then you may spot dingos too as the island is home to Australia’s purest breed.


Airlie Beach And Whitsunday Islands

If exploring the nature and cruising the barrier reef excites you then Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Islands are a must in your itinerary. Airlie beach serves as a gateway to Whitsunday Islands and you can easily book a cruise to this exotic island paradise from the beach itself.


The Glorious Cairns

You cannot afford to miss Cairns in your visit to the East Coast Australia. Surrounded by the Great Barrier reef, the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world, this place is a Mecca for nature and adventure lovers. Experience the extreme adrenaline rush of skydiving from 14000 ft and view the surrounding rainforests or go for a Night Zoo trip for spotting nocturnal animals and relish some good old Aussie barbeque.



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