24 Hours In Salzburg Itinerary: What To Do And See In Salzburg


Salzburg is a town in Austria that has an infinite size. What makes it a good town to visit and spend time in is that it is filled with several sites that you can see within 24 hours in Salzburg. Let me show you the best way you can spend your time with a Salzburg itinerary for 24 hours.


24 Hours In Salzburg Itinerary

Early Morning In Salzburg

There are a lot of places in Salzburg that you can start your day off. There are several traditional cafes in Salzburg to start your day off in. You can enjoy having Austrian breakfast that include boiled eggs, cold meat, jam and toast. If you are a caffeine lover, then you will feel at home in Salzburg. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best restaurant. Most of these coffee shops are similar to the coffee houses that can be found in Vienna.

One of the finest coffee houses in Salzburg is Café Tomaselli. This coffee house was established in 1705. It is located on the Alter Market. What you will love about this restaurant is that it has marble topped tables and the interior is decorated with wood paneling. The coffee in this restaurant is served in silver trays. Café Tomaselli has a good reputation since it has been a famous meeting place for most of the residents in Salzburg. This coffee house also has a beautiful garden that you will have a good time relaxing in. It also has a big balcony where you can just sit and enjoy sipping your coffee as you watch the world go by. If you are also looking for a coffee house that has a similar tradition, then Cafe Mozart  is a good option.


Afternoon In Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is filled with places that are considered to be must-visits. One of such places is The Mirabell Gardens. This place is very famous since it is one of the settings in The Sound of Music. This is the place where the scene of Do-Re-Mi was shot. While you are at The Mirabell Gardens, you can also visit Festungsbahn railway station. It is located in the Old town, just across the river from The Mirabell Gardens. You can also go down all the way to Hohensalzburg Fortress. This medieval structure is located on a hill. From here, you can view the incredible Salzburg city and the picturesque surrounding of the city.

You can also cycle for 20 minutes along the river to Hellbrunn Palace. You will love spending some time here since it is a spectacular fountain garden. The interior of this fortress is also delicately decorated.

Another place that is worth spending some afternoon time in is the Museum of Modern Art. All the contemporary work in Austria are collected here.


Evening In Salzburg

When it comes to the best restaurants, the city is filled with them. One of such restaurants is St Peter Stiftskeller. It is considered to be among the city’s most famous restaurants. It has been around for a very long time. This restaurant has hosted several powerful guests throughout the course of history that include the Emperor Charlemagne. You can enjoy Austrian dishes such as Tafelspitz and the Wiener Schnitzel. Another good restaurant that serves local dishes is Bärenwirt.

The nightlife of Salzburg is also a bit lively. If you are looking for a bar, then you can try looking for one in Steingasse. It is an old street that is located in the old Salzburg town. Want to enjoy some local wine? Then you can head to Little Grain or Saitensprung . Enoteca Settemila on  Bergstraße.is also a good spot to enjoy some local cocktails.


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