How To Spend Two Days In Hallstatt, Austria


I was ecstatic when I finally had the opportunity to visit Hallstatt for two days. I had been planning a visit for several years.A tiny European jewel, Hallstatt is a beautiful confluence between city and nature. Although my first trip here was in spring, I definitely look forward to paying a visit in the winter as well. The town is nothing short of a winter wonderland at this time of the year, but it’s a great place to spend 2 days in Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is a bijou town and driving around in cars is not possible. You can park outside the town and take a walk or arrange for a shuttle to pick you up and drop you off in the town. However, do not let the town’s small size put you off, as there are many things to keep you occupied during your stay. Ideally, plan to stay for at least two days so you can get the authentic Hallstatt tourist experience and enjoy the recreations the town offers. Below we’ll explain how to spend 2 days in Hallstatt, Austria. For other information, be sure to check this out.


Opt For A Beautiful View

The view is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your stay. We have managed to find an incredible, locally run hotel called Hallstatt Hideaway. Located right in the center of Hallstatt, this archaic family home, boasting a rich and colorful history, is an enjoyable place to stay. The place boasted modern amenities with immaculate wooden flooring. The view from the room was exquisite and having witnessed it each day, leaving the place was particularly nostalgic for me.


Day 1 In Hallstatt

Lunching On Water

The food in Hallstatt failed to impress me. Finding food could prove to be a bit hard if you are a vegetarian. There is, however, some good quality seafood available, if you, like me, do eat that. A good option is fresh trout caught locally. Hallstatt’s mesmerizing beauty made me ignore the fact that I ate only salads and trout during my 2-day Hallstatt stay.

A major reason for enjoying the salads was the abundance of fresh produce. There is an appealing restaurant/biergarten by the lake, which serves a variety of decent salads and seafood. It is called, Gastof Simony. If you’re looking for a light option in an otherwise heavy-oriented food place, I would surely recommend this place after having lunched here in Hallstatt for two days. A number of other menus boast deep-fried wiener schnitzel and veal.


Hike All The Way

Hallstatt gets going early in the morning, so we usually skipped breakfast. All this never seemed much of an issue to me, as I would excitedly get out of bed, eager to explore and to learn and see more of the town’s scenic beauty. You can pack some fruits if you feel like eating a light but filling breakfast.

There are a lot of hiking trails in the area and you can choose any one that captures your imagination and sense of adventure. The multitude of cable cars going across the mountains provides an added advantage. Trekking up the mountains and taking a cable car the rest of the way proved so much better for my knees.

We came across a number of trails right after we climbed a hill behind our hotel. Studded with shady trees, they offered breathtaking views of the crater lake. The mountaintop view was simply stunning, to say the least.


Essential Culinary Stop: Gastof Zauner

This restaurant boasts good quality food and is just a small walk from Halstatt Hideaway; in fact, most of the attractions are a short distance from the Hideaway. The magnificent yet quaint architecture replaces the lake view here. The wine was superb and I absolutely loved the salad they serve here. I believe the beer is not worth trying when compared to the wine.


Walk Away

Adding to Halstatt’s charm are the architecture and the adorable chalets. They have an element of fairy tale to them, but they have a long history and have endured for generations. There is an abundance of tourists, which sometimes gets annoying, but the town’s wondrous beauty makes you forget every drawback.


Day 2 In Hallstatt

Dinner And Drinks In Obertraun

Your cable car ride back from Five Fingers or your paragliding venture will probably take you to Obertraun, a town right across the lake from Hallstatt. Make the most of your evening roaming around the town and dining at Gastof Hollwirt. This town boasts better quality restaurants, which are also far more romantic than those at Hallstatt are.


Paragliding And The Crater Lake

If you have some money left, I would recommend that you check out the paragliding company close to Five Fingers, at Hallstatt’s highest point. Although I wasn’t able to participate in the activity itself due to the steep price (165/person), watching paragliders float down over the lake was a magnificent sight to enjoy from my hotel room. Make sure you try it out if you are not on a budget.


Row Boat Or Paddle Board

Hallstatt imparted a certain energy, which would drive me to go outdoors every morning. It is refreshing to start the day with a bit of workout, and Hallstatt boasts a great many options to choose from. This is an incredible and refreshing experience, unlike the gyms with their stationary machines, which I personally abhor, for they leave you disconnected with the real experience you can obtain outdoors.

Getting in touch with our bodies is extremely vital during exercise; perhaps the best possible way to achieve this is through presence and awareness. The flux of energy and liveliness which exercise provides me with is a major reason why I am particularly fond of yoga and other physical activities. By hiking or taking a paddleboat (or at times both!), we thoroughly enjoyed all the activities Hallstatt had in store for us. It was such a nice change from all the big cities we’ve been visiting.

The still and serene Crater Lake is exquisite and an ideal location to paddleboat. There are very few boats on the lake, and the ones you see are tiny. I would suggest going a little early, but a number of facilities for renting boats in Hallstatt remain closed till 11AM. However, if you are an early riser like me, you can hike first and then go paddling.


Off To Five Fingers In A Cable Car

Five Fingers, Halstatt’s highest and definitely best vantage point, has a five-part viewing platform that you can easily reach via cable car. You might find the cable car to be a bit costly, and the walk from the car’s top to Five Fingers could take you around 20 minutes, but I can guarantee the experience is worth the toil.



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