Machu Picchu Entrance Rules- New For 2018


In the near past, Machu Picchu National Park administration has introduced different fresh guidelines for Machu Picchu entrance rules. The 2018 new entrance rules for Machu Picchu are quite effective for elderly, disabled and individuals willing to hike on mountains adjacent trials such as Huayna Picchu. But, to the ordinary visitors, the new rules have no adverse effect on your schedules. The Machu Picchu administration has started implementing the new rules and its beneficial to visitors visiting Machu Picchu in 2018 to be conversant with them.

Although the National Park administration has given the new rules in their past meetings, some of the rules need further definitions and explanations for the new entrance rules for Machu Picchu visiting the park in 2018.

This article defines some of the new rules that are currently applied following arrival into the park!


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The 2018 Machu Picchu Entry Rules

Use Of Backpacks

The new 2018 entrance rules require individuals to carry very small backpacks when getting the Machu Picchu fortress. Although large bags are forbidden, the size and measurement of the bag are not specified.


Carrying Of An Umbrella

Quite large umbrellas with metal or wooden point are not allowed in Machu Picchu. Tourists are only required to carry small and foldable umbrellas during their visit!


Usage Of Walking Sticks

Only the disabled and the elderly are allowed to pick walking sticks from Machu Picchu Sanctuary. Other groups of tourists are prohibited to use walking sticks along the park. The administration has not however determined the number of years an elderly person will have. Physically disabled individuals are required to carry with them approved medical certificates that they will display at the time of admission. This will prove that you require a walking stick for your entire stay.


Wheelchair Usage

Those visitors who use a wheelchair should notify the management at the time of administration. Machu Picchu management will offer you with a professional assistant who will assist you when using a wheelchair for better viewing of Machu Picchu conservations. The new 2018 rules, however, states that during the low season the wheelchairs will only be used at the afternoon hours.


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The conditions to enter Machu Picchu And Huayna Picchu Mountain

The new rules call for the closure of Huayna Mountains exactly at 2:00 pm. After this, all visitors are obligated to arrive at the focal entrance. At 12:00 pm the Sun Temple downhill Huayna Picchu peak, as well as the Great Cavern gate trial, will also be closed. No one will be allowed to enter after the closing hour.

The gate to Machu Picchu Mountain Trial will only be opened at 11:00 am. Mountain climbers must get to the peak before 12:30. There will be 30 min allowance into the summit but in exceptional circumstances. At 1:00 pm the park warden will close the gate, no entrance will be allowed thereafter! The hike will approximately take utmost one hour and a half.


Editors General Comments

The newly established rules and regulations will be only implemented by the Peruvian Administration to enhance the sustainability of the Machu Picchu National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has been time to time engaged to monitor the sustainability efforts implemented by the park to make sure there are in line with international standards. However, the late rules seem new to the visitors but in the real sense, the administration is enforcing latter rules that were earlier assumed.

Enforcing the new rules suggest that Machu Picchu park will change to serve the visitors decently. The Machu Picchu management’s calls for all visitors to honor and follow the new rules which will serve them better today and in future!



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