Is Bogota Safe For Tourists In 2018 – Is Bogota Safe 2018?


There is one question people always ask: Is Bogota safe for tourist in 2018? Charles Sheen, the Hollywood actor once visited Colombia for a vacation. After his hypothetical drug sobriety therapy, he was later interviewed and made excitement by critics. The actor was shameful for his drug abuse encounter as well as deviant attitude. What many of us wonder is why Columbia is associated with mafia, drugs abuse and gangster.

This article addresses the question: Is Bogota safe for tourist in 2018? The answer is simply yes. Below are highlights explaining why Bogota is safe to tour and stay in 2018.


The Status Of Colombia In 2018

Every time people mentions the name Colombia, their minds click on black market drugs. Many of us attribute “Columbia” with illegal drugs that can be bought in every street. We have a belief that rich and well-known drugs cartel along with heartless killers control every street of Colombia and run the society. This is not always right and you should purpose to visit this country in 2018 and prove some of social media and politicians wrong.

It is true that some of the parts and regions in Colombia were associated with human trafficking, pickpocketing, robbery, tourist intimidation, prostitute, mugging, swindling, and unjust treatment of foreigners. It was not such sound as the media and movies exaggerated it. It is also true that individuals should stop generalizing the whole country with an incidence that happened in one region. The incidences should not be used to express some reputed places like Bogota which is safe for your vacation in 2018.

Some places in Bogota like Santander, La Gujira Deliin and Mompox are wonderful to explore. These areas represent the magnificent nature and exclusive culture one will come across in his/her visit to Colombia. Columbia is a must visit the place.

My advice to the tourist is that it is obvious that in any foreign place, one must encounter some inconveniences. Be ready and vigilant to handle them accordingly. You must extra take care of traffic delays, unwanted accidents and use of illegal drugs. This applies everywhere not only Columbia!

In major cities and towns in Columbia, there are adequate police patrol and tourist’s assistance diplomat who are ready and willing to serve both locals and foreigners. One of this places is Bogota!


United States Travel Advisory In Columbia

USA Department of State every now and then gives warning to American tourist to take precautions in traveling to Columbia. Like we earlier mentioned, this is a problem of generalizing things. In this case, Embassy travel warnings should not be taken as a general public view. If one place is reported to have security issues and cruel behavior, it doesn’t reflect the status of the entire country.

The American government is convinced that Columbia is a dangerous place to visit in 2018. This anticipation is as a result of recent reports released by World Atlas that highlighted 13 cities from Columbia in a list of top 100 dangerous places in the world. The highlighted cities include Palmira #8, Cali #13 and Pereira # 45. As a matter of fact, US is also unfortunate as her 4 cities also were on the infamous list. These cities included New Orleans #32, Detroit#28, Baltimore#19, and St. Luis #15.

This report triggers the Department State to warn their residents to desist traveling to Columbia as much as possible. They added that if one want to bear the risk, he/she should be extra careful to conclude “Columbia is safe for tourists in 2018. If we can conclude that Columbia is a dangerous place to visit because of the frequency of murder, US should also be deemed also as a dangerous state to visit by another country too. What we strongly disagree, is that the security risk advisory of the US embassy to Columbia should stop generalizing the whole country on the security issue. This is a wrong perspective.

Tourist all over the world should know that the country of Columbia is safe and as untidy as North America. Exaggeration and stigmatic branding should not be framed to Columbia alone but if it does North America should follow closely. Columbia is one of the countries that make up South America and consists of a mix of Latin- Spanish- American history, culture as well as tradition.


How To Enjoy Your Vacation In Columbia

Tourist should focus to tour Columbia now that we have given a light through that the country is safe and secure for your vacation in 2018. It is not interesting to generalize the whole country with records of violence, crimes, and untidy atmosphere. Some places are, however, not friendly for visitors if you don’t follow reputable rules and common sense.

Bogota is one of those you should visit and discover in 2018. The city still practices the ancient culture of American and Latin. The city also reflects traditions, antique structures, and lifestyles of the locals. Bogota is the current capital city of Columbia and the largest city in the country. It is the center of business and a safe place to travel in 2018.

Here are some practical tips for you to have a safe retreat in Bogota.


Be Modest

Proud and arrogant visitors always get to troubles during their visit to Columbia. The reason behind this is because you want to be treated special and you don’t want any alien to your project. The local Columbians will treat you really well (sometimes as a family) if you act humbly as they have robust family bonds. As long as you gain their trust, then you will be treated as their own.

It is also important for tourist to dress discreetly because most of the cities in Columbia have warm temperatures. A pair of pants and a flat shoe will work well in Columbia. Wearing expensive watches and pieces of jewelry will attract gangsters which are obviously present in large cities. This will make your trip to Colombia not exciting in 2018.


Act Like Locals 

Learning Spanish, being humble and friendly is an added advantage in Columbia. Columbians have no tendency of treating locals indecently, so it is nice to act as a local. You should try to not speak ill of them, eat their food, be aware of their culture and admire local rules and laws. You will have new friends when you try to speak a bit of Spanish. Columbians will surprise you with a lot of discounts and harmonize meal if you are humble and respecting.


Stay in Secure Hotels And Inns 

Tourist should propose to stay in secured and trustworthy hotels in Columbia. This hotel is more expensive than other rented apartments. But at the end of the day, they are safer and with security personnel who control activities in and out the hotel. This hotel also hires responsible and reliable staffs who have a vast training and their background verified.

Reputed agents like TripAdvisor and Airbnb may offer hotels that have alleged background in apartment and bed space at a reasonable fee.


Recognize Safe Zones Places 

Staying in safe areas eradicate minimize your chances to be conned or meeting with gangsters. It is always advisable that before you board a flight, make sure the place you anticipate to reside during your vacation is safe every time. Checking reviews for hotels you will reside will give you an insight of what you expect and security concerns of the place.

Places like Parque 93, Zona T. and Chapinero alto will have best hotels if you are around Bogota. These areas are also safer and offer ample atmosphere compared to other parts of Bogota.


Stay Alert

Well- experienced travelers understand the importance of being always vigilant. This means that you will remember to carry all your things everywhere. In most of the cases, if you forget one of your document in a hotel, you are not guaranteed to find it not at all of a good Samaritans to keep it safe. It is good to be friendly but sometimes avoid invitation and long talks to strangers. Make sure that you don’t disclose your personal details. Your entrusted documents including credit cards, identification card or another valuable item should not be exposed to strangers. This includes police officers who you are doubting their professionalism. Take precautions of locals and other visitors along your way!


Avoid All Types Of Drugs 

Visiting Columbia because of drugs or prostitution will make your vacation hell on earth. It will make you a target of anxiety.

The best option is to visit Columbia to explore its food, history, culture and tourist attraction. Another intention will waste your time, money and personality. History suggests that many tourists have jailed in Columbia, who were guilty or framed of drugs related issues. For those without Columbian history; jails here are unfavorable and frightening. Avoid being involved in dishonest activities and businesses. Kindly mind your close friends who might drain you in this unscrupulous activities!



Enjoy every instant in Columbia by doing the right thing at the right time. Optimistic thoughts and happy feelings entice favorable conditions.



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