Buy Money Orders Using Amex Gift Cards – 2018 Guide


There are so many questions on the social media platforms on how to buy money orders using American Express gift cards. The answer to these questions is not possible! The main reason is that these gift cards do not have a pin, thus are not worth for buying money orders. One option is liquidating Amex gift cards which later be used to purchase cash.


How To Use Amex Gift Cards To Buy Money Orders

Don’t be upset! This option is time-consuming and tiresome to most of us. However, there is still an easier way of settling Amex gift cards. This is through loading them via the Amex for Target or else to Redbird. In the process, you may have a lot to discharge. This should not worry you because you will cash it out through Amex for Redbird or Target. Although this method seems to be easier, which I think it is, there is some cost that you must cater when purchasing a money order:

  • You will pay distribution fee of $5.90 to $8.90 (Conditional to your purchasing area) for every Amex Gift Card order.
  • A fixed charge of about $3.95 for every $500 Visa gift card purchase.
  • A fee of $3.95 will be charged for every Amex gift card price $2,000.
  • Conditional to your purchasing area, a money order ranges from $0.20 to $0.89.


It is still possible to counterbalance this burdens when purchasing money orders using Amex gift cards using back portals such as Top cash bank. Using the Top cash bank you only need to pay 1.50% coins for every card. The greatest advantage of using Top cash bank to purchase a money order is that you receive $60 cash back while only required to pay approximately $13.80 to $ 16.80 for Amex gift card order which cost $4000 (GIFT CARD + SHIPPING FEE). This interprets that, with $31.60 will be used to liquidate a $499 card using Top cash bank. If you are after reducing money order fee (which I think you do), purchase in an area that permits numerous gift cards are major channels of payments. This places also grantee some profits and is finest methods to purchase money orders using Amex gift cards.

The greatest challenge of using this process is getting a place to sell a Visa gift card via a credit card because American Express gift cards use the same technique as transactions of a gift card. Another pressing challenge is getting a place which admits selling money orders using a debit card. This will is important when changing cards that are pin enabled to a money order. These two challenges are the only barriers you may face when buying a money order using Amex gift cards.

When the process is successful, you will have a chance to deposit the money in your bank or pay off your credits in the bank. It is prudent to use both methods when laundering money and preserves the receipts for record and security in case of any misunderstanding.



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