How To Liquidate Cards Without Serve Or Bluebird In 2018


Amex Serve and Bluebird prepaid cards have been shut resent. This has lent to confusion among many individuals as they used to spend gift cards from credit cards through these platforms. This shut down has raised a lot of concerns. Some individual argues that unlike the Redbird and Vanilla Reload shut down, there were no signs of putting down Amex Serve and Bluebird. Some argue about the fate of those who liquidate gift cards from credit cards using Amex Serve and Bluebird methods.

Despite this event, so many individuals were left with surplus Visa cards and MasterCard gifts cards. Money orders can be a viable option for excess gift card liquidation. Numerous options exist that you may use to load Bluebird or Amex Serve card. This article explains some of the option you can use spend gift cards without necessarily using Serve or Bluebird when manufacture spending using credit cards. This gives you a reason to relax and enjoy using credit cards to liquidate gift cards with the absence of Amex Serve and Bluebird methods. To get a more detailed guide and best tips for ways to liquidate gift cards follow this guide.



Ways To Liquidate Gift Cards Without Bluebird Or Amex Serve

Purchase Money Oder

Buying money orders is the easiest and fastest way to liquidate Visa gifts and MasterCard. Walmart does not accept Vanilla branded cards for the purchase of money orders. However, Vanilla branded cards can be used in other places especially where pin enabled services are allowed (post offices and Kwik shops). At this placers, money orders can be gotten from surplus gift cards and change deposit into your bank account. You can also pay off the credit card once making manufacture spending.


Spend Them

For most of us, the approach is the best way for liquidating gift cards in instances that you are using your credit card aimed at points. Also, Spend It approach can be used to get household packages. You may use the gift card for budgeting which helps you manage expenses greatly. In addition, gift cards may be used to make an in-store purchase, pay household goods and to shop online. You may opt to sell the excess gift cards to your friends or family members for profit. It’s recommended to check out this page for the best results.


Purchase Other Visa Gift Cards

Most of the Vanilla Visa gift cards can best use this method. The approach is also fast and cheap but the problem is that it cannot be cashed by Walmart. One way to use this money is to purchase MetaBank Visa gift cards at the grocery stores or office supply. Vanilla Visa gift cards require some pins and cashiers have a tendency of confirming the cards. It is advisable that when putting your pin, avoid credit transaction. The gift cards can then be used from Metabank Visa for buying money orders or depositing into your bank accounts. The gift cards can also be used for disbursing some credit in your bank.

My advice is that you should not use this method unless you don’t have another alternative as it is much expensive than other methods. Despite grocery stores and office supply having some offers, still, this service should be considered as the last option.


PayPal And Google Wallet Can Be Used To Send Money

Exchanging gift cards using Google Wallet was once paramount. The Google wallet gives you an opportunity to buy Amex gift cards at 3% then get about 2.9% money back through liquidating them using the Google Wallet. This is a good offer as you are left with 0.1% cash which you can use to cover the charges of the gift cards. However this trick may not last until it is chunked down by suppliers, but liquidating gift cards without Bluebird or Serve takes a while.

PayPal can also be used when sending money via Amex gift cards to friends and family members. In the past the charges of sending gift cards using PayPal was high but today there is no such charge. PayPal can serve as a better method to liquidate the surplus gift cards when you are anxious as well as when you have insistence of the cash from manufacture expenditure through credit cards.


Use RadPad For Paying Rent

RadPad is not a famous method used for liquidating. It gives you the opportunity of using a debit card to recompense off your rent. RadPad method can be used to pay an amount not more than $5,000, and it is a decent method to spend gift cards deprived of Bluebird and Serve.

Unlike other services, RadPad does not require any fees when using a debit card while paying your rent. MetaBank Visa cards have been processed by RadPad for debit cards. The use of Vanilla Visa gift as debit cards is not confirmed functional to date.



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