Liquidating Gift Cards Without Serve Or Bluebird


In the past few months, many of us got some breaking news about Bluebird and Amex Serve prepaid cards shut down. In fact, a good number of us would spend or liquidate gift cards when manufacturing spending from credit cards. This act shocked people greatly because there was no any sign suggesting the immediate closure unlike the Redbird and Vanilla Reloads which were closed down earlier on. Those who liquidate gift cards from Bluebird and Amex Serve prepaid cards are a concern on which direction to take to fulfill their preferences.

Numerous people were left with excess Visa gifts and MasterCard gifts and are in doubt which are the best options to liquidate them. The very obvious way that many people are thinking about for excess gift card liquidation is money orders. However, there are various options to load a Bluebird and Serve Card. This article explains some options that you use to spend and liquidate gift cards without serve and Bluebird every time you manufacture spending using credit card.


Options To Liquidate Gift Cards Without Amex Serve Or Bluebird


  1. Use PayPal Or Google Wallet To Send Money

A few years ago most of us would use Google wallet when exchanging gift cards. Amex gift cards would be bought 3% back then 2.9% cash back via discharging them over the Google Wallet. Using this method guaranteed you 0.1% cash back as well as stash miles that you will use to cover the levies of the gift card. Playing this trick is worthwhile, however, it will take you a noticeable time to liquidate gift cards without Bluebird or Serve.

PayPal can be another reasonable option to send money through Amex gift cards to your friends and family members. Initially, people disregarded this method following high charges, but today there is no much charges on gift card purchase and is great for liquidate gift cards. For this reason, you can still use PayPal to liquidate the excess gift cards if you have the earnestness of the money from the manufactured spending with credit cards.


  1. Obtain Money Orders

Buying money orders is the easiest and fastest way to liquidate Visa and MasterCard gift cards. But be aware that Vanilla branded cards will not at all accepted By Walmart for the acquisitions of money orders. However, they can be used in other places especially where gift cards pin enabled and are accepted for purchasing money orders. Places like Kwik shops and post office are appropriate for money orders. At this places, you will get money orders from your surplus gift cards and change deposit to your bank account. You can also pay off the credit cards when generating manufacture spending.


  1. Spend It 

This is an ultimate way to liquidate gift cards using your credit card to gain points. Gift cards can be used to get domiciliary packages. By this way, the gift card will be very useful for budgeting, helping you to well manage your expenses. You can also use the credit cards to shop online and make in-store purchases. You may consider selling surplus gift cards to your family members or friends for a profit.


  1. Acquisition Of Other Visa Gift Cards 

The method can well be applied to this with Vanilla Visa cards, although very expensive for liquidating gift cards. Because Walmart cannot cash these cards and you absolutely need the money, it is saved to purchase MetaBank Visa cards at grocery stores or office supply using other visa gift Cards. Vanilla Visa gift cards are pin enabled and frequently cashier demand to see the card. It is advisable that when putting your pin, don’t process a credit transaction.

This will enable you to use the gift cards from Metabank Visa for deposit in your account or purchase some money orders. It is also possible to use other visa gift cards to pay some credit to your bank. However, this method should be used as your last option for it is very expensive compared to others. Even though gift card fees will waver when grocery and office supply have some offers, but still use it as your last option without Bluebird or Serve to help with credit card manufacture spending.


  1. RadPad Gives You Opportunity To Pay Rent

RadPad service can use a debit card to pay off your rent. $5,000 is the maximum amount you can pay with RadPad per month. The greatest advantage about RadPad is that they do not charge any fee when using a debit card to pay off your rent. Today, the RadPad has processed MetaBank Visa gift cards to debit cards. But still, there is no evidence to use Vanilla Visa cards as debit cards via RadPad. It is also an amazing method to spend gift cards without Bluebird or Serve.


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