6 Reasons To Visit Croatia In 2018


If you’re looking for a vacation that is a concoction of history, culture, art and azure blue waters, without the crowd of course, Croatia is a well-preserved archipelago offering all the above and more reasons to visit Croatia. Exuding all mainstream European characteristics but none of the tourist rush, the country quietly huddles in the eastern corner of Europe. Croatia, formerly called Yugoslavia, ceded from Serbia as recent as 1991 to form an independent county.

Cobbled streets and pebbled beaches coupled with the pristine Adriatic, Croatia gives an uncanny feel of Greece, though with much lesser tourists. The waters of the beaches get their clarity owing to a bed made of rocks and pebbles, unlike other beaches that are lined with sand. Therefore, a suitable pair of footwear, such as the jelly sandals would be right about perfect to avoid slipping.

Since the country receives only a fraction of the tourists that its other European counterparts do, Croatia is still a bit of a mystery, a sort of a virgin you could say, with unchartered and unexplored territories. However, it is fast gaining popularity, with the number of tourists increasing by the day.

The smart thing is to visit it NOW before it becomes a tourist hub, with sky-high prices and a run of the mill experience. If we’re going to be honest, there are some parts that have already become too touristy for our interest, but there still remain unseen treasures that the place has to offer. This brings us to 6 reasons to visit Croatia this holiday season:


6 Reasons To Visit Croatia In 2018

Island Hopping

Island hopping through Croatia is a one-of-a-kind experience! Go to Dubrovnik, sure, but if you really want to experience Croatia, visit its innumerable islands, each emanating a beauty of their own. The best of all, they are connected by a network of cheap ferries available almost every day. If you’re looking for more of an adventure, you can even sail from one island to another. This is the best thing to do in Croatia.

The island of Vis has a plethora of vineyards and is the perfect opportunity to get cultured and go on a wine tasting tour. Want to visit Marco Polo’s hometown? Catch a ferry and go to the Korcula Island!


The Plitvice Lakes

You’ve heard of the Victoria Falls and the Niagara Falls but what you’re really missing out on are the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia’s largest and southeast Europe’s oldest park, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. At a 6 hour bus ride from Split, the lake requires quite a bit of trekking but the effort is worth it. You can also take a flight to Zagreb followed by around 2.5 hrs on bus to reach the park. This is the best thing to see in Croatia.


Time to Party? Say Hvar!

Amongst all the islands that line Croatia, Hvar is by far the most happening in terms of night life. Take a ferry from Split, the capital city and arrive at a glistening city set against the musical waters just a few hours later. You’ll be sure to have the most fun in Croatia possible doing this. Whether you want to have dinner overseeing the beautiful night view or go bar hopping, you are covered.

For a quintessential local and less crowded experience, visit Panorama that should do well to titillate your taste buds along with providing a panoramic view of Adriatic. For the poshest parties, see if you can get into the “it” beach club of the island, Carpe Diem.



This city is the mecca of the Game of Thrones pilgrimage. Wish you could be one of the GOT characters? The high, stone walls and the raw energy of the city will definitely give you a good teaser. This is one of the most popular towns in Croatia that you must visit. Whether you’re looking for some bar hopping or interested in architecture, Dubrovnik has it all!


Scoot Your Way Through

Want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind sunset? In Croatia, you go the mo-ped way! Rent a scooter and whiz your way through Komiza on the Vis Island and then to the other side of the island to old Vis. From vineyards to breathtaking coastal scenery, you will never be at a shortage of pure visual bliss. Can it get any better? Yes, it can. Try to do the above at sunset and thank us later!


The Blue Grotto

Hidden on the Bisevo Island, the Blue Grotto is a glowing marvel located really close to Vis. The cave gets its name from the blue fluorescence that radiates in it when the sun strikes the limestone at a certain angle. The blue is so clear and unreal that it looks incredible in real life, which makes a quick tour to this cave mandatory. There are many options available to visit this wonder from Vis but plan ahead to avoid disappointment of any kind.




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