Best Things To Do In Paris In August 2018


August in Paris is attributed with a large number of tourist visiting the French capital city. During this time of the year, the tourist finds it difficult and laborious to find places which are not crowded to explore the city’s benchmarks among other attractive places. Paris residents are away from the Paris in August as they are on holidays. This article might guide you on what do in Paris in August 2018.

Generally, the city experience many tourists in August. Most areas like Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower are very crowded at this time of the year. Hotels and restaurants are also full in August. But what is the best month to visit Paris? Absolutely August is the best month for tourists! The sun, as well as Seine River, trudge flawlessly on August in Paris. It is worth visiting the city landmarks and other attractive sites at their peak. Dodge away from tourist deceptions along with long expedition and find innovations that are naturally Parisians. Among other places to visit include Le Marias, Montmartre and Latin Quarter This article gives you 5 must do things that will help you get the best experience during your August 2018 Paris visit.


Best Things To Do In Paris In August 2018

Visit Disneyland, Aquaboulevard and Parc Asterix For Maximum Fun

Disneyland, Aquaboulevard and Parc Asterix are must-visit places! These places are amazing and you feel happy every time you visit.

Aquaboulevard is a great place to visit especially if you have kids or a friend. It is the best place you will find a decent shelter to cool your body from the hot sun of August in Paris. You will enjoy funny slides and swim in the enormous swimming pools in Aquaboulevard.

Parc Asterix is another attractive place you cannot afford to miss! Water attractions are the most wonderful and thrilling thing you will witness in this place. Parc Asterix is a wonderful place especially for adults, more so during a hot summer day.

Your trip is not lovely until you visit Disneyland. It is a magical place that you will never forget in your lifespan. The magical things you will come across in this place will make sure your face will ever smile even when bored.

It is advisable that you should indulge in various activities during daytime. Visiting Paris exhibitions to enjoy the shade may be one of the best things to do. Paris exhibition is exceptional and worth to visit at any time of the year. Regardless of the peer, family of locals in see in Paris, you should consider the perfect exhibition that will fit your demand. Paris exhibitions cater the needs of every person regardless of their ages, culture or background. Among the activities, you will find in Paris in August ranges from video games, arts to comics.


Watch A Movie In Parc de la Villette

Are you a movie fun? If yes, Parc de la Villette is the ultimate place to be. It is an outdoor place which turns into an open cinema immediately when it gets dark. In French, great Parisian’s evens takes place from July 12 to August 20. Starting from 7 PM Parc de la Villette broadcast movies in the French language. This place offers you a chance to watch latest and most ranked movies across the world. Spending your Paris August 2018 nights at Parc de la Villette while enjoying your favorite refreshments should be your first priority.


Explore The Seine

Wondering along the river is one thing you cannot afford to miss in Paris in August. The local Parisians, are used to have picnics before or after work walking or sitting along the Seine. When exploring the Seine, you will come across Saint Michael and Odeon. It is still possible to see the terrace or wonder at the delightful Luxembourg Gardens.

The Seine River offers an amazing thing that you must do in Paris in August 2018. You will adore the appealing skies and the balminess of August at Seine River.


Explore Paris Landmarks 

The first place you must visit during your trip to Paris is Notre Dame Cathedral or Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower is a must destination that every person should purpose to visit at any time they get in Paris regardless of the month of visit. This place attracts numerous tourist, and it is definite that in August, there will be a lot of them. The large expected crowds should not interfere your program to visit Eiffel tower. It is also crucial to consider the time in the day you will visit the site. For an instant, you may have sunburns if you visit Eiffel tower at 3 PM because of the hot sun. Mornings and evenings are the best time to visit the site.

When at the third floor of the tower, you can witness sunrise and sunset at your pressure. Eiffel tower is a lovelier and chiller place during the evening and morning. During this hours the tower is not crowded. You should make earlier arrangements and buy tickets of your favorite places to avoid time wastage and inconveniences. The bookings are available through the website. Make sure you don’t miss Eiffel tower in your Paris visit in August 2018!


Other Calm Activities To Engage In 

From August 25 to 27, all Parisians will be wondering in Paris outcasts to attend the most famous festival-Rock en Seine, Domaine national de Saint Cloud. You must not miss the festival fun. Among artist that will perform in this year, the event includes PJ Harvey, the XX, Franz Ferdinand and the kills. You should hurry up to buy your ticket before they got sold out to avoid inconveniences and inadequacy.

Those of us who are theatre fun must visit the open-air play where they will see the Sacre Coeur, Montmartre. The event is scheduled every night at exactly 8:30 PM 27 Rue Chappe at the Arenes de Montmartre starting from August 28 to August 31. Different prices are set for the play; Entre Deux templates. The price of the starts with 18 euros per head.

It is important to note that Arenes de Montmartre is only opened during distinct events and closes on normal days. Consider yourself lucky if you are available in Paris during these special days. Paris is the ultimate place to be in August 2018. Book your ticket earlier enough to witness these activities and much more!


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