How To Get To South Of France From Paris – Nice, Cannes And Monaco


Most tourists prefer to visit Paris, because of its erudite and model architectures. These locale and implausible works are amazing and have been there ever since moors and monarch era. South of France is another heaven that you cannot afford to visit.

Both Paris and South of France are dominated with attractive landmarks which will keep your face ever smiling. On your way to South France from Paris, you will enjoy the Eiffel Tower, idealistic view of French Riviera and soaring ancient churches. You will smell blissful soft smell from the acre of lavender on your way to The Provence which shows magnificent lavender fields.

Tourist can wander across the urbanized city-Paris. Here, daytime is the ultimate time for tourist who needs to explore to see the benchmarks of the Capital city. Among the structures that will be crowded are historical sites, cathedral, delicate stylish boutiques, museums among other favorite places.

From Paris, you will spend few minutes’ flights to another beautiful land of Southern France. Bluish mountains, greenly land, interesting flower fields are among things you will see on your way to South France during summer and spring seasons. If you will have traveled from Paris to Nice using the same route in winter or autumn, you will see like you are lost or daydreaming. Things appear completely different!

If you are in a quite long vacation, visit Southern Paris during weekends to break the city’s monotony. It is wonderful to know how you can get Nice, Monaco or Cannes from Paris!


Getting To Nice, Monaco, And Cannes From Paris 

You can travel from Paris to South of Paris either by plane or by land. There are two options when traveling by land; car, or a train.


Paris To South Of France- Travel By Land 

Choice 1- Paris To South Of France By Airplane

The much known structured and large airport space is n Nice- Cote d’Azur. The airport is known to handle lots of travelers along with thousands of plane trips thru the international airport.

Cote d’Azur is the most ultimate airport to fly to South of France. You can take a flight here heading to various tourist destination such as Promenade des Anglais, Avignon, French Riviera among others. Be prepared as the flight prices may be as high about $120 to about $698!


Choice 2- Train 

If you are a stranger in Paris, be guided that the main means of transportation here, is a train. Its advantage is that it is stress-free and cheaper compared to other means of transportation here. Its disadvantage, however, is that you are not allowed to carry heavy luggage during your adventure. You should consider using a train to view incredible nature and few lively city spaces across the country.

The price of train ticket is comparatively cheaper from other transportation tickets in France. You need to first secure a ticket for either route from Paris to Nice train station. A train will take a little longer from Paris to Nice (almost six hours). In addition, allocate about 20 minutes from transfer Lyson or Marseilles (depending on your favorite route).

The most known company for selling train ticket is TVG. For the Paris-Nice route, the company sells two types of train tickets; premium passengers at about $250 and a second-class seat at about $149 to $179 ( dependent on seating location in the train).

The second route is from Paris to Marseilles, that you will get the ticket from TVG Company. This route is much longer than the latter with extra 3 hours plus allocated time for train and station transfer. Getting to Provence from Aix will cost $199.99 to $499.99 for first class and $129.99 to $149.99 for second class tickets.

Another route is from Paris to Avignon which takes more than 2 hours. It is more suitable for it does need train transfer. First class tickets are sold at $195- $250 while second class tickets cost approximately $120- $145. The route from Paris to Montpellier takes about 3 hours more. First class tickets are around $215 while second class tickets are around $125.


Choice 3- Car

Traveling from Paris to Southern France can be done either by using a private car, car rentals or coaches which can be retrieved in Paris or Southern France. If you are traveling this route for your first time, use rental or coached car to make sure you enjoy stunning places across Europe. Be advised on standard rental and fee legitimate car rental companies in Paris or Southern France-Monaco, Nice or Cannes.


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