10 Reasons To Visit Malacca, Malaysia For Your Next Trip


You need to fly few miles to reach Malaysia while in Singapore. Most people traveling to this region take advantage of a double-country admission during holiday trips due to the closeness of this states. It is possible for you to take few days traveling the bustling town of Singapore then shift to a relaxed diplomatic city of Malacca, Malaysia. In Malacca, there are no much activities are undertaken, some of them are listed below.

Singapore is among the fastest growing city in Asia and all over the world. (Not forgetting Singapore is a country at the same time!). The country is growing so fast in that if you stay four months without visiting it, you will see the different appearance. New building and massive architectural structures are built in Singapore day in day out meaning that development is continuous. Recently, the government of Singapore has filled the anterior part of the sea to extend the city.

Malacca or Melaka has located few kilometers away from Singapore. It is quiet and a safe place to visit during your vacation. Being a quiet and well-preserved area, Malacca attracts numerous tourist around the world who take a flank trip break from Singapore. Melaka keeps all records and history of Singapore and is a safe place designed for UNESCO World Heritage.

Although very famous, Malacca is a tiny city- approximately 100 square miles. The city is devastating with old and ancient times, despite it improving and developing each day. According to the available history, Chinese traders initiated Malacca’s trade which involved battering of goods to indigenous Malaysia.

Malacca locals are called Malaccans. They are said to progenies from multicultural individuals from the Middle East, Chinese, Thai, and India among other races of Eastern Asia. As business relations continued, such things as culture, food, art, and clothes were passed and shared over centuries. Malacca is a place you may not afford to miss and for those traveling here you need to know ten things!


10 Things To Do In Malacca City, Malaysia


  1. The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum Is A Must Visit Place

The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum is a modern construction as compared to the other building constructions around this region. It is within this place where you can locate the history and different items of the region of Southwestern, Malaysia. Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum is the best place to visit in Malacca.


  1. Visit The Baba And Nyonya Heritage Museum

This famous museum displays culture, tools, lifestyles, among other ancient times outfits that were used during Chinese- Malay period. Peranakan also was known as Baba-Nyonya were the leading group of people from Chinese who invaded Melaka and initiated the Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum.


  1. Explore The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum among other shops and restaurants are located in the old town center of the UNESCO World Site. The National Maritime Museum is a place to find records, collect antiques, and complete historical assessment from when trading initiated in Malacca.


  1. Do Your Shopping At Jonko Walk Melaka

Jonko Walk Melaka is the main shopping center for local products, delicious local treats, as well as other knick-knacks in Malacca. During your visit to Malacca explore this street with both shops and restaurants to do your shopping and dine in for delicious food. Visiting Jonko Walk Melaka will give you a noble reason for exploring Malacca.


  1. Explore The Malacca UNESCO World Heritage

The route of Malacca was the main trading site during the old Malacca period. UNESCO declared the aircraft and other remaining antiques used as the main transaction zone as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main reason for securing this place was to preserve what was left during the trading era.

Wandering around the old Malacca city will help you learn more information and history of Malaysia. Also, you can spend one or two nights inside the building structures that were constructed in the colonial eras. The structures make Malacca town to be the best to explore in Malaysia.


  1. Attend The Cheng Hoon Teng For A Prayer Session

The trade between Chinese and local Malay many centuries ago imparted a Chinese belief in Malacca- Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. The temple transmits on religious faith in Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Visiting the temple offers a great reason to be in Malacca.


  1. Attend A Service In The Anglican Church

European colonizers during their travel to Malaysia built the Anglican Church in early 18 century. The Christ Church is still in use up to date for church service. It is the hoariest Protestant church in Malaysia!


  1. Windmill Dutch Square Melaka Is A Wonderful Place To Take Photos

Windmill Dutch Square is one of the landmarks left by the Dutch on their exploration in Malacca. The structure is a red paved and was refurbished a few years back. The Windmill Dutch Square Melaka offers layback feels and is an enjoyable fun to attend during your stay in Malacca.


  1. Visit The Melaka Wonderland

In Malacca, you will find a delight park which was open last in 2010. During your stay in Melaka, you can dedicate your free time to the water theme-park rides in the wonderland. This is one place you can enjoy in Malacca.


  1. Have A Ride in Malacca River Cruise

Explore Malacca with a thrilling river cruise. This ferryboat accommodates a maximum of twenty people. While enjoying a ride, you will explore different regions of Malacca.





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