10 Best Reasons Why You Should Travel To Philippines In 2018


In the recent past, there has been judgmental news from the land of Philippines. Unfortunately, some of us who are eager to travel and explore may sometimes rule this statement out. In the Philippines you will find foreigners engaging in the daytime job, exploring the beautiful islands and blogging. Having mentioned that, let’s indicate the 1o top reasons to visit the Philippines.


Top Ten Reasons To Visit Philippines  

Food Fusions

The local Philippians-Filipinos has a long history of several colonizers. Through them, they have learned how to prepare various dishes from diverse countries who colonized them. The land of Philippine is very productive regarding agriculture and livestock. Filipinos recreate the different dishes while adding local flavors about the crop in the season creating a delicious food fusion. This is a great reason to visit the Philippines.


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Stiffing Weather 

Philippines experiences two main seasons: dry and wet seasons. The wet season is majorly wet while the dry season is characterized by summer. The country is termed as the only land where the sun is continuously up.

At times the countries experience rain season, but generally, visitors enjoy our best weather conditions during their short and long vacations. The only time you are not encouraged to visit the Philippines is during a typhoon-visit because you will spend most of your time indoors. If it happens to you, don’t be depressed there are thousands alternatives adventures in the Philippines.


Underwater Adventures

Philippines country is strategically located beside the largest ocean in the globe. The coastal region of Philippines has numerous coral reefs, and millions of species live submerged. The Philippines enjoy thousands of dive sites, like Samal Island, El Nido, La Union, and Palawan among others!

Today, Philippines is well-known for the surfing and skimboarding. On top of that, the country has both fantastic fresh and enormous saltwater bodies that offer magnificent prettiness thus a great reason to visit the beautiful land.


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Categorical Filipino Hospitality

Like discussed before, Philippines were colonized by different countries like Chines, America, Spain, and Japan. It is for this reasons that Filipinos learned to appreciate and welcome individuals from all over the continent. They are the best people regarding the art of hospitality.

A famous YouTube blogger was shocked when he realized that his bed was much better than that of the house owner ones invited for dinner. Filipino welcomes everyone like a family and respects you just like a VIP; this is another prodigious motive to visit the Philippines.


Stunning Beaches 

It is only in the Philippines you will find more than seven thousand islands. The country appears fragmented into small islands besides the Pacific Ocean making the Philippines the best place to visit. Each island possesses its own extraordinary and gorgeous beach shores. Will you believe? Some beaches have unique attributes such as pink beaches like Sta. Also, Subic Beach located at Sorsogon and Cruz beach based in Zamboanga.

The El Nido, Samal and Boracay islands are white-beach appearing like heavenly-colored. Palawan has impressive nature display and flabbergasting beach shore. Local Palawan government conserve natural habitat by allowing local crocodile to wander around the beach. Other beaches are unique, with black sand like Dauin in Negros Oriental, Bacacay in Albay and Puerto Azul based in Cavite.

Batanes Island also has stony pebbled beaches which appear like windy European atmosphere. It has mountains outstanding the beach area. Stunning beaches suggest the main reason for you to visit the Philippines.


Opportune Transportation 

Despite the presence of both split and detached Islands large and small; the government of Philippines has constructed convenient airports, highways and other transportation infrastructures backing inhabitant’s and vacationer’s travel.

But like of most of our capital cities, Marina also experience heavy traffic. Vacationers are warned about using some routes. They should take note routes not to pass mostly in peak hours. The best parts of the country have no traffic issues, also a great reason to visit the Philippines.


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Fabulous Mountain Tops

The land of Philippines has splendor and stunning nature. It has thousands nature’s concealed treasures, owing to the country’s numerous islands.

The Philippines is known to be in the center of the ring of fire. Therefore, Philippines has about 34 active volcanoes as well as more than 400 dominant volcanos. Each volcano is unique from the rest. Most of the visited volcanos are Mt. Apo and Mt. Pulag. A tourist enjoys climbing the two Mt. for their distance, climate, stages of the hike, and the gorgeous collection of nature as you climb toward the crests. Those who do not enjoy hiking on big mountains also enjoy other hills and small mountains they may complete easily. Other areas where rock climbers enjoy with rock formation areas and caves spelunkers. Discovering and exploring Philippines mountains offers you numerous reasons as to why you should visit the Philippines.


Investment, Mall And Banking Vicinity

The Philippines is one of the most developing and progressing countries in South East Asia. Whenever you visit this country, you will enjoy accessible WiFi and Mobile networks. Communicating with your family members and accessing all social media is the convenience in the Philippines.

Backing facilities are available in most parts of the country. The most disadvantaged parts with banking problems are remote and unexposed areas in the Philippines!

Each region of the country has facilities like hotels, malls restaurants, concert areas among other creations. The establishments vary from one class to the other. Whenever you need to spend your vacation in a luxurious facility, you have the freedom to do so. A nature trip is also exceptional too!


Means Of Communication is Stress-Free 

Filipinos use the English language as the standard language mainly for instruction. The country initially learned English letters, prior knowing how to rehearse their alphabets.

Most of the local Filipinos apprehend and speak English, and worst scenario communicates in broken English. Besides, all directions, cautions, and signage are entirely written in English.


Textbooks Are Also Written In English In The Philippines!

To be safe, be sure that each Island or town in the Philippines has it’s own vernacular making the country unique. Vernaculars and literature of Filipinos vary and are miscellaneous! The language barrier is a minor issue sum up for another reason you should visit the Philippines to enjoy its diversity. 


Exploration Is Less Expensive 

The Philippines having such unique natural resources is home to numerous tourist who visits the beaches, fabulous mountaintops, and other places at a reasonable and friendly budget. Considering the budget, Philippines is the best place to travel.

Plentiful five-star hotel propose affordable prices, on sale tickets, regular promos in restaurants and lots!

More reasons are available as to why you should visit the Philippines, just find yourself so that you can pack your hand luggage hop to the next scheduled plane. Be careful and vigilant to make sure that when exploring to any part of the world your things and transactions are well taken care of for remarkable vocation. Focus on exploring!



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