3 Day Itinerary Of JeJu Island – What To Do In JeJu Island


In the last few years, South Korea has been linked with big names as far as tourist and pop culture industries are concerned. Most of us can remember very well hearing about the beautiful island of Jeju at the first time when watching Korean television soap operas. Jeju Island is an all-weather flexible site (both winter and summer). During winter the island has a fair climate as compared to other islands in the world. Also, Jeju Island has an ultimate scenery mostly attributed to television and movie shooting. These activities, among others, are the best things to in Jeju Island in 3 days.

Like Hawaii of United State of America-which is a formation of the volcanic cavity as well as molded magma from an active volcano which happened millions of years ago, so do Jeju Island is. Jeju Island thus creates a mysterious habitat for both fauna and flora. It also creates a majestic scenery that seems like an impeccable movie setting, offering best things to do in three days on the island.


How To Get To Jeju Island 

This island is exceptional as it has its own airport-The Jeju International Airport. You only need to board a flight from your country to Jeju Island (if any). If your country does not offer this facility, take a connecting from Seoul- Incheon International Airport, Cheju Kukche or Gimpo International Airport. You can travel by a bus from the main airport from Seoul- takes the longest time. Or take a connecting flight, train or ferry boat (adds extra escapade to your tour). What is your expectations in Jeju Island for your 3-day trip? This article guides you in order to make your 3-day trip favorable and more fruitful.


Ultimate Things To Do In Jeju Island For 3 Days

Wonder Along The Gorgeous Beach Shore

Spend most of your trip exploring the Jeju Island. A beach coast area is an ultimate place for walking, lying down, drinking refreshments, reading a storybook or getting your favorite tan. You can also spend your time to feel the warm sand under your feet.


Visit The Famous UNESCO Heritage Site In Manjanggu Lava Tube

You cannot afford to miss Manjanggu Lava Tube site during your 3-day visit at Jeju Island. This natural human labyrinth mystery was shaped by nature for millions of years. You will enjoy walking across the divided maze (which appear like tunnels) while the hardened molten lava takes you from one point to the other back to the original starting point. The tunnels are long and cover a large distance, but tourists are only allowed to wander a 1-kilometer distance (protected tourist zone).


Feel And Swim Warm Waters Of Jeju Coastline  

What do you enjoy most at the beach? Absolutely! Visiting the coastline and enjoy the warm waters. In Jeju this is your first priority during the 3-day visit. Tourists may prefer to spend one day in dive centers and shops near the beach that progress them to different diving sites at the island. Alternatively, you may prefer putting safety glasses, and swim on a fish and coral inhabited area to dive.


Explore The Celebrated Backgrounds Of Preferred Television And Movie  

One of the best things to do in Jeju Island is exploring its famous and favorite settings attributed to movie shooting and recording TV programs by key Korean celebs. These settings include My Lovely Sam Soon, Boys over Flower as well as Secret Gardens where celebrities play their part.

You can as well visit Gong soap opera to experience the Bear Museum, still in Jeju Island. Also, see the covenant and church scene in all the TV program. Visit the famous shoot in old Jeju Folk Village- Jewel in the Palace. There is a lot to see in the Jeju Island!


Discover Other Secreted Water Bodies 

Jeonngbang and Cheonjeveon Waterfalls offers extra experience apart from beach and summer atmosphere along Jeju Island. These waterfalls are also a great thing to do in Jeju Island. You will enjoy the waterfall as you swim in cold and fresh waterfalls sliding over the cynical volcanic mountain mainstays.


Familiarize With The Old Jeju Folk Village

The famous Jeju Folk Village is comprised of old civic of inventive native inhabitants of the island. History suggests that the community was established in early 1800. The local inhibitors of the Old Jeju Fork Village survived by agriculture and traditional dive spearfishing as their economic activities.

Most local Jeju fishermen inherited the fishing technic used by villager’s ages ago. This technique is very technical and makes sure that the sea creatures are still unharmed and flourishing. It is thus advisable that your 3-day visit in Jeju Island should incorporate exploring the Jeju Folk Village for vast experience of artifacts as well as novel and reinstated structures.


Take Crazy Pictures At The Love Land Park 

The tourist sector suggests that the Love land is a contradicting concept that intends to promote the Jeju Island natural beauty. However, Love Land is a lovely place where you can drop to take crazy pictures for various sexy statues and erogenous themed monuments. This place might seem odd compared to the rest of the tourist spot in Jeju Island, thus you may spare it during your 3-day vacation at Jeju Island.

They have been a hypothetical complain from most of the tourist; suggesting that Love Land entrance fee is much high as compared to other tourist sites in Jeju Island. Visiting Love Land Park should not be a priority unless you want to have fun and take silly photos.


Visit The Rock Of Jungmun Lava Columns 

The rock of Jungmun Lava Columns creates a natural talent for architectural design. You can explore volcanic eruption, earthquake, and volcanic rocks- molded and shaped by heavy lava that creates an enormousness prettiness. Between the diverse molded volcanic rocks, you could see the blue-green clear waters that move calmly. Visiting this calm atmosphere and awesome scenery- Jungmun Lava Columns is one of the best things to do in Jeju Island in your three-day vacation.


Explore Aqua Planet Jeju- Human Made Sea Creature Habitat. 

Do you enjoy spending your precious time in an aquarium? Enjoying the grassed aquarium where numerous sea creatures live in a controlled environment, can be one of the best things to do in Jeju Island. The giant aquarium in Jeju also offers a dive swim with various sea creatures.

If your schedule is so squeezed and you fail to explore Aqua Planet Jeju, you can hang out on the natural coral reefs around your hotel or resort, to witness real-life sea flora and fauna. The advantage of visiting the Aqua Planet site is the fact that it is safer and less expensive related to hiring diving gears and a ferry to take you to diving locations.




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