Barcelona In June 2018: Best Things To Do


There are lots of things to in Barcelona in June 2018. The greatest tourist turn-around, new places to visit, delicious food to eat along with other precious things. This place is a must visit in June 2018 in Barcelona! There are numerous things that you will see and admire here.


Attend The Sonar Dance Festival

If you are in love with electronic music, Sonar Dance Festival will take you to your favorite and wonderful ride. This festival is appropriate for all individuals of different social classes and all forms of life in Barcelona in June 2018. This festival will blow your memories away. Sonar Dance Festival takes place on June 18th to 20th each year. It includes much-admired bands like the Chemical Brothers, the south-Africans Die, and Flying Lotus. This event is scheduled at both daytime and nighttime taking place at the city center of Barcelona and in L’Hospitalet.


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If You Are A Modernist-Visit Hospital de Sant Pau

It may sound absolutely insufficient if you miss this kind of Hospital. Believe me, the city of Barcelona has vanquished itself this round! Hospital de Sant Pau which is adjacent to Sagrada Familia (big steady hospital), is not an ancient hospital anymore! It has been newly refurbished and introduced once more in the winter.

Visit Hospital de Sant Pau for reasons any other but not medical purposes! The recent renovation has given the hospital a new and decent design, but with like the foundation of a systematic hospital. This makes the patients recover better and more rapid in a beautiful and appealing setting. This newly established hospital was laid by a famous architect-Lluis Domenech I Muntaner. He is also the founder of Palau de la Musica Fundacio Tapies as well as Casa Lleo Morera.


Visit Saint Joans’ Bonfires

23rd June, will the shortest and memorable evening for Saint Joans’ legend. During this specific night, the residents construct countless bonfires and take them blazing to celebrate out night-time awaiting the dawn in Barcelona in June.

Many people, closely relate this party to the famous “tradition of summer solstice” which happens on the eve of June 24th. Visiting Barcelona in June 2018 is a must considering the bonfires party, amusing fireworks, and warm drinks! What if you are not fully satisfied? Just walk towards the beaches. You will still enjoy the party and many other things in Barcelona in June 2018!


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Extra Modernist Spots

Are you a modernist? The first site you must visit is the delightful Casa Ametller that was founded by Puig I Cadafalch. It is one of the most modern buildings in Barcelona city. After visiting the gorgeous piece, the walk into another magnificent and even more modern construction- Cas Batllo build by Antoni Gaudi.

This building forms the Golden Apple of Discord in Barcelona’s figurative combat to demonstrate which domiciliary has the utmost beauty. These rooms are so cute and attractive to every tourist’s eye. You only need to pay 15 euros to enjoy the premises!

June in Barcelona is a month you cannot afford to miss for utmost fun among other great things!




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