Best Things To Do In Barcelona – May 2018


Lots of great things await you in Barcelona considering the country’s great nature, rooted culture as well as urbane constructions.

May in Barcelona has the best weather condition, bearing in mind it is prior summer season-the warmest season in Spain. Tourist ought to take visit the city in May to enjoy all-day tour and coast-related visit unconditionally. Barcelona in this specific time is at distant from hostile chilly weather to a favorite and comfy season.

Enjoy and treat your family with the memorable experience in Barcelona! This article provides you with the most preferred things you should purpose to do in Barcelona in the May of 2018!


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Timely Summer Retreat

Summer starts early in Barcelona. Waiting for summer season until July will complicate your life. The ultimate period to visit Barcelona’s coastline retreat is May. You should take advantage of beach swarming during the sizzling period. You will enjoy numerous drinks, best hotels and ticket promos in May since beachgoers are not yet arrived.


Beach Bogatell 

This beach is within a very short distance from the city, 15 minutes away. The beach coastline expanses more than 15 kilometers. You can adore numerous rides to and from the beach in May.


Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria beach has lots of water escapade sports. This makes this beach to attract young beach goers and those young at hearts who spend their precious time here.


Beach Ocata 

This beach is quite, less congested and bit unpolluted. From Barcelona city, you need to travel only 30 minutes by train to reach Ocata beach.


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Travel Around The Ancient Metro And Contemporary Day Barcelona

The gorgeous and splendid city of Barcelona is the main tourist attraction. The city is a wonderful place to relax and explore- with its natural beauty aged with a rich antique of Monarch ruling (where you get a wide range of Barcelona history).


Barcelona Centre Of Contemporary Culture

This is a famous museum. It is characterized by regularly exhibiting paintings ranging from famous aspiring painters to artists of all forms.


Catalan Museum Of Archeology 

The museum is far greater than witty fine arts as well as architectural design history of Barcelona. The archeology is a must visit place! The Catalan Museum of Archeology is an amusing site for your children and really open up their minds.


La Predrera And La Sagrada Familia

During your vacation in Barcelona, don’t forget to visit the famous architectural design by Antoni Guadi: The La Sagrada Familia Basilica (the site of magnificent church design) as well as La Predrera Museum.


D’Historia de Catalunya Museum

This is also an amazing place for you to understand the rich architectural and artistic history of Catalan region. Visiting the museum is a must!


Enjoy Delicious Food

A teaspoon of delicious food will make your trip livelier and brighter. The ancient city of Barcelona is a home for delicate taste and synthesis of European amalgam. Barcelona will fulfill your cravings with its famous varieties of delightful wine and dishes


Enjoy Attractive Football in The City 

Hope you are lucky to witness the Al clasico (Barcelona Vs Madrid Soccer Football Spring Match. It is one of the most magnificent and biggest waited for the match in Spain that happens on May 6, in Camp Nou- The Fc Barcelona Fc Barcelona Football club Museum. As this is one of the most popular events- all over Spain, you should check out ticket sales bookings 3 months ahead or much earlier.


Crema Catalan

To those of us who are a sweet tooth, intend to taste out the special custard from Catalan. You may end your meal with distinct Crema Catalan together with wine on the side.



This is a famous place for seafood platter- a combination of different seafood like squid, lobster, white fish, shrimp, and crayfish.


Paamb Tomaquet

It is a perfect thing to start your day before you explore the entire city of Barcelona with faultless merged herbs and other condiments dough bread-flattened and scoured with fragrant garlic and tomato sauce.


Barcelona Spring Festival

The flower festival in Barcelona must be your perfect place to complete your entire trip. At this specific time of the year, Barcelona is surrounded with the sentimental smell and charmingly colored flowers.


Guell Park

Antoni Guadi creations should be the focus during your vacation in Barcelona. The Park Guell is another inventive creativity of the famous architecture -Guell. It is a park and gardens surrounded by splendid and nice sensing flowers in May spring season.


Montjuic Garden

This is a like a faultless setting in a movie where a lot of garden scenery surrounds a fort. From a distance, the contextual of those vibrant flowers is the cable cars, a pool, and the Olympic Stadium.


Park de la Ciutadella

You can enjoy the appealing and attractive dignity of springing flowers in Park de la Ciudella. You can also appreciate garden, boat rides, picnic areas, playgrounds, and waterfall scenery in the park.




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