Best Time To Travel To Spain In 2018 – Each Region In Spain Explained


Don’t we all dream of visiting one of the most beautiful countries of Europe? The sizzling sun, beautiful beaches, delicious sangria, flamenco dancers and many popular fiestas are some of the reasons this country remains the top on the bucket list of many travelers? You wonder what can be the best time to visit the country of Pablo Picasso? Your preferences and choice of things you enjoy the most would play a key role in deciding the time of visit.

It’s time to book your plane tickets and embark on a beautiful journey to Spain be it to the palm-tree lined city of Mallocra or the historically rich Sevilla, the cosmopolitan Madrid or the quirky Barcelona. All you need to do is figure out when is it best to visit Spain.

Guess what? Spain is an evergreen destination. You can pick any date or time of the year and you are assured to have fun. Sure some parts of the year can be better than the others. For that, before you pick a date, you need to find what kind of trip are you looking for. Whether it is mingling with the positive vibes of the tourists, bathing in the sun and soaking the lively atmosphere or a quieter holiday where it feels like you were the only one needed to admire the stunning beauty of the country?

Let’s look at Spain in summer and winter and weigh the pros and cons because it is nevertheless a country of timeless splendor.


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Why Go To Spain In Summer 2018?

Spain is summer is guaranteed to give you a trip of a lifetime. Absolutely nothing can spoil it, rain cloudy days, winds, nothing. The searing sun gives the country a beautiful hue of golden yellow shade adding to the vibrant city.

The beaches are in full force during the summers and the beach clubs thronging with happy travelers. The rooftop bars are perfect to hang out at and also to get that perfect tan. It is also one of the best times to witness some great festivals and concerts.


Why Go To Spain In Winter 2018?

If you are looking to have Spain all to yourself, Winters are the best time to visit. Winters in Spain is not a tourist season which makes the prices of almost all the places drop. Besides, you will learn better how and why a lot of events are related to the Spanish tradition and culture when you get to take a clear look around. To top it all, the Christmas spirit takes over the country and celebrations are all over the place. So cozy up with a cup of hot coffee, lay back and enjoy Spain like no one else.


Why Not To Go To Spain In Summer 2018?

It is sometimes screeching hot in summers so much so that you are left feeling uncomfortable and dehydrated even before half the day of your exploration is over. Besides, Summer is the most visited time of the year which makes it a bit difficult to have original local experiences.


Why Not Go To Spain In Winter 2018?

Except for the Canary Islands, some places are a bit too cold for beach weather. There are chances that some resorts close during the time and attractions remain empty which might make it look too deserted and not worth experiencing.


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Quick Overview Of Festivals In Spain All Year Long:

Public Holidays

The Spanish culture is known for its public holidays rejoiced with extravagant festivals and if you are easy with your dates, a trip can always be planned to match one or some of them.

La Tomatina – the biggest food fight in the world, burning monuments in Valencia during Las Fallas or running with the bulls in Pamplona at the Bull Run are some of the major holidays there. The city is packed to the rafters with tourists from all over the place with no accommodation available unless the bookings are made in advance.

It is however important to correctly choose the festivals to experience as not all the celebrations are as grand as the ones mentioned above. Others are just public holidays where nothing exceptional happens.


Timing Of Your Trip

It would be wise to take note of the bridge concept in Spain where people create “bridged” weekends. Say, if the holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, people create a “bridged” weekend by taking off either on Monday or Friday. It is advisable to not visit during these times as the towns are deserted and shops closed.


Calendar With Most Important Events In Spain


You will not only get to celebrate a new year in Spain but will also be a part of the dozens of revelries throughout the country.



  • January 6th: Marks the Three Kings Day
  • January 6th: Famous for Fiesta of dos Foguernos at Balearic Islands.
  • January 17th: The famous San Antonio Abad in Ibiza
  • January 20th: The festival in San Sebastian



February is the most vivacious month of the year. It is a month of huge parades, exuberant costumes, uncanny rituals and avid drinking.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

Spain has different weather at different places. So, the answer to the question will depend on where you are headed. For example, the carnival in the Canary Islands or Sitges will be set in mild weather that gets sunny, whereas Barcelona is warm and Madrid cooler with temperatures dipping below 0°C.

Remember while it is warmer in Costa del Sol, Sitges, Canary Islands and Barcelona, it is chillier in the Basque, Slamanca and Madrid.


March And April

The onset of Spring and with it, it brings thriving flora and lavish galas, not to mention a plentiful enjoyment.

Enjoy crazy fires and repetitive chants at the Las Fallas at Valencia or visit the Semana Santa to have an emotional experience like never before.

In a brief spell of 10 days, you will get to see the country reveling in the Spring holidays- enjoying beach cities, taking boat rides, partying in Ibiza and sailing in the yachts.

Feria de Sevilla in Seville will give you an authentic experience of the Spanish culture with the clicking of flamenco dancer’s shoes, playing of Spanish guitars and terrific bullfights.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

Though Spain in its entirety is getting warmer, weather remains unpredictable in these months. The difference in the temperatures of two days can be extreme with one day being extremely hot and the other being extremely cold. It would be wise to carry a cardigan or a jacket as the nights tend to get cooler.


May And June

The beginning of summers brings a life of vivacity to Spain with all the liveliness and colors dominating the air. Beaches start teeming with people, cafes are laid out in full force, the rooftop terraces open up and parties get longer. The summer paves way to great musical and cultural festivals.

  • Festival de San Isidro of Madrid
  • Feria de Patios – a quintessence of Cordoba
  • Horse Festival of Jerez
  • The Night of San Juan celebrated throughout the country.
  • The Great Wine Fight of Haro
  • Sonar Music Festival of Barcelona


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

May experiences spells of rainfall in most cities, however it can still be unpredictable. June is most certainly hot but not gloomy as some days the clouds float about the skies of Spain.


July And August

The months of some of the most celebrated public holidays will see an incredible tourist inflow to the country. The tourist footfall is the most during these months. Some of the festivals celebrated during these months are:-

  • Running of The Bulls – San Fermin Festival
  • Horse Racing in Sanlúcar de Barrameda
  • Feria de Malaga – A must visit if you’re travelling to Andalusia in August
  • The most famous Tomatina Tomato Fight where an entire city becomes a part of the biggest food fight.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

You’re right! The weather is hot, uncomfortably hot, no matter where you go. It sometimes makes you want to drop your plans for the day and stay in an air-conditioned room. The plus point is that you experience the beaches in their full glory.


September And October

Despite being known as the “shoulder” season month, the country sees a lot of tourists. There are still a lot of events which you can choose to attend and an even larger number of things to do.

While the upcoming Halloween celebrations can take up most part of your day, a visit to Festa de Santa Tecla in Tarragona and Festa de la Mercé in Barcelona are worth the visit.

October is the month of Spain’s largest flamenco festival during which an ethereal vibe and dancing feet dominate the space.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

September is a nearly perfect month with warm, not hot, days and cooler nights. You can still get a perfect tan at the beaches and enjoy the sun. October tends to get colder with jackets coming out of the packed bags.


November And December

The time of Christmas is here! The celebrations take over the country with holiday vibes in the atmosphere. The markets are filled with Christmas decorations which make them bright, shiny and lively. The icy cool air of winters makes you ready for a cozy time with your loved one. Madrid and Granada, hosting many events, are the places to visit.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Spain?

Though Spain has sun shining everywhere, the weather still depends from place to place. For example, while Madrid is frostier with biting chilliness, Barcelona is comparatively mild.



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