Best Time To Go To Spain – 2018 Guide


Have you ever spent part of your night fantasizing about how you can get to Spain on of these fine days? Can you imagine enjoying the sizzling sun, delicious meals, fantastic beaches, flamenco dancers Sangria and Spain’s renowned festivals? How about the amplest time to visit Spain and its environs? All these questions can be answered if you know your preferred destination and when to visit it.

You need to figure out when is the best time to go to Spain in 2018 to book a plane ticket and embark on a journey of an epoch. You must be convinced whether you are boarding a plane to the city of Barcelona, the diverse city of Madrid the palm-tree-lined Mallorca or the historical Sevilla.

Unlike many countries in Europe, Spain should be considered as it is an all-year destination. You will absolutely enjoy your visit in Spain in 2018 at any time of the year! But the fun will differ from one time to the next, some being better than others. It is, therefore, necessary to familiarize yourself with what you will see during your vacation at that time you purpose to visit any region of the country. You may want to reveal the contagious positive sensations of tourists, animated atmosphere, calmer holiday or heavy rainfall. All these depends on what period of the year you will travel the country.

The two dominant seasons in Spain are summer and winter. Each season has its advantage as well as disadvantages. But it always good to decide to visit Spain in 2018 both seasons. Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of going to Spain in summer vs. winter because it’s always a good time to go to Spain in 2018.


Advantages Of Going To Spain In Summer 2018

Tourists have an advantage of having lifetime trip in Spain during the summer season. You are guaranteed of no cloudy, no rain, no wind, and no clouds weather. The sun shines in the entire country with gorgeous golden shades, making the country livelier.

Retreats in the beaches are enjoyed to the maximum. Beach clubs, café culture, hanging out at rooftops bars are also enjoyed in full forces. You will also attend the most vital festivals and performances.


Drawbacks Of Spending Your Vacation In Summer 2018

Sometimes, the temperatures in Spain in summer tends to be extremely warm. It may make you uncomfortable, leave your body dehydrated or tired even during the morning hours before you get at your target destinations. Tourist may be flooded making you not even understand the local experiences.


Advantages To Visit Spain In Winter 2018

You will enjoy winter season in May with a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for the festivities to fill the street of Spain. Christmas eve is around the corner and attractions are almost empty giving you an ideal opportunity to explore every place of your choice. Most of the events to do with Spanish culture awaits you and you’ll experience less tourist-ridden sorts of the country. As this is not tourist seasons, you will have the advantage to witness the local experiences, less cost for hotels as well as airfare. This amenities will be less expensive compared to summer time in Spain.


Drawback Of Visiting Spain In Winter 2018

Sometimes the country may be extremely cold, especially on the beach. Some of the resorts will be closed while few attractions will be empty. This may frustrate you feeling unworthy visiting.


All Year Long Festivals In Spain 

Timing Your Spain Trip

It is very important to note the bridge concept in Spain other than only concentrating on weather and public holidays. Most of the holidays falling either on a Tuesday or Thursday, Spanish will take either Monday or Friday off to create a “bridged” weekend. Visiting any most parts of the country in one of these days will be boring as the town may end up being empty and most shopping centers might be closed.


Public Holidays 

There are numerous public holidays celebrated in Spain with extravagant festivals. If you are planning to visit Spain in 2018, you can always time your retreat to match at least of them!

One of the famous festivals is Las Fallas, Valencia characterized with the burning edifices La Tomatina (is the biggest food fighting in the world). Other major holidays include the Semana Santa and the Bull Run in Pamplona. Expect the city to be completely packed! For you to find an accommodation, you need to book it three to four months earlier.

It is advisable that you will choose the festivals correctly as some are grand celebrations (Las Fallas, Semana Santa, and Bull Run) while some are normally public holidays where you will not witness any entertaining event.


Spain Calendar With The Most Important Events In Spain


January And February

Besides celebrating the start of New Year, you will also enjoy numerous celebration within the two months across Spain.


January Events

  • January 6th: Three Kings Day and Fiesta of Dos Foguernos that happens at the Balearic Islands
  • January 17th: San Antonio Abad in Ibiza
  • January 20th: San Sebastian festival


February Event

This month is dominated by the most famous event-the thrilling carnival. Most of the cities tend to turn huge parades with extravagant costumes, dancers lot of drinks and peculiar rituals.


The Weather In Spain In January And February

The whether varies from one region to the other (depend on your destination). The weather will be mild or sunny in Canary Islands or Sitges during the carnival season. Madrid will be cold (-3C) while Barcelona will be quite warm in these months.

This means that Madrid, Basque, and Slamanca will be cold while Barcelona, Canary Islands and Costa del Sol and Sitges will be quite cold.


March And April

These months symbolize the start of spring in Spain. The months are characterized by flourishing flowers, the coming of spring and crazy feasts. Through experience March/April is the best period to explore Spain.

Intend to visit Valencia for Las Fallas to enjoy the crazy fires along with repetitive hymns. In case you are a bit stressed, visit the Semana Santa. Spain revels in the spring holiday for about 7-10days. Most of the people will visit beach cities partying in Ibiza, hanging out in yachts or enjoying boat rides.

Some individuals, especially, those interested with flamenco dance, bullfights, and the Spanish guiter, will tend to head over to Seville for the Feria de Sevilla.


The Weather In Spain In March And April

During the two months, the weather is pretty erratic. You can witness a very cold day followed by the extremely warm day. What remains evident is that the weather gets warmer as it nears the sizzling hot months of summer. During the night it tends to be quite cold, so bring a jacket or a cardigan!



The country slowly starts to experience the summer in May and June. All cities welcome the summer season with vitality, life, and colors. Tourists start filling the beaches with capacities, the cafes are fully occupied, while the parties get longer. Both musical and cultural festivals fill the country. TRhe most celebrated festival include:

  • Horse Festival– Jerez
  • Sonar Music Festival- Barcelona
  • Festival de San Isidro- Madrid
  • Feria de Patios- Cordoba
  • The Great wine Fight- Haro
  • The Night Wine Fight– Everywhere


The Weather In Spain In May/June

It is somewhat hard to predict the weather in Spain in May, some cities experience frequent rainfall while others do not. In June the weather in Spain is indefinitely hot! Although some days may experience some cloudy days.


July And August

Every person in the entire world has now decided to visit Spain- The number of tourists will be amazing. Few festivals are going on during these two months.

  • Horse Racing- Sanlucar
  • Bull running- San Fermin Festival
  • Feria de Malaga- August in Andalusia
  • The renowned– Tomatina Tomato Fight where every city turns into a major food fight.


The Weather In Spain

The weather in July and August very hot in almost all the cities. Uncomfortably hot! Sometimes you only opt to stay in an air-conditioned room to avoid dehydration. The greatest advantage is that you will enjoy the full beauty of the beaches.


September And October

Most people refer the month of September as a ‘shoulder’ season month, which may be true. During this month, Spain still experiences a large number of tourists. Festivals are still going on and there are still pretty things to do and join.

You may attend “The Festa de Santa Tecla” that takes place in Tarragona as well as “Festa de la Merce” that takes place in Barcelona or still adore the imminent Halloween festivities which brings us to October.

At this time be prepared to enjoy the ethereal vibe of flamenco at Spain’s largest flamenco festival. It seems like the whole world has turned into a dance festival.


The Weather In September/October In Spain

The weather in September is virtually perfect. During the day the weather is warm (not too hot) while at night it is a bit chilly. Life on the beach is lively in most part of the country. Winter seasons gradually start in October, and wearing a jacket is a necessity!


November And December  

It is obvious that the Christmas celebrations start a little bit earlier! All the cities in Spain take over with Christmas markets, bazaars, the chill of winter and magical holiday vibes. This time is a perfect moment for you to cozy up with family members. There are plenty events you can opt to attend in Granada to Madrid in November/December vacation.


The Weather In November/December In Spain

Depending on your destination, the weather will be different. Within this two months, Madrid experiences cold and harsh weather while Barcelona the weather in Barcelona is mild cool. But for sure most of the places in Spain there will be sunshine.


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