How To Buy Bullfight Tickets For Spain In 2018


It is important for bullfighting fans to know how they can buy bullfighting tickets. Challenges are common to many bullfighting fans especially when they don’t have knowledge about the exact prices, types of seats and where they are bought. This article highlights some advice and suggestions to know the best bullfighting tickets.

In the history of bullfighting, Spanish are known to be pioneers and lovers of bullfighting. When you intend to attend the bullfighting ceremony, it is better you do it early using online platform. This process is fast and takes a very short time.

It is important to that bullfighting activity in Seville last for a short period. Madrid has the longest bullfighting season and will offer you a good opportunity for you to know the scheduled official bullfighting days. You can choose the activities that match with your schedule. After choosing the venue then buy the ticket immediately to avoid rushing during late hours.


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Accessibility Of Bullfighting Tickets

As soon as the dates and the schedule of the bullfighting are announced, tickets are available within the public domain. Buying the tickets early is advantageous as you will get the best seats. Depending on the type of bullfighting, some of the tickets will be sold some hours after the activity scheduled. Purchasing the tickets is much easier and can be brought right to your room. In addition, early purchasing of the tickets avoid the risk of missing the bullfighting events.

Purchasing the tickets at the last minute calls you to go to the offices to buy one. At this time the tickets are sold out and you may miss the chance to attend the event. No commission is requested for late purchasing. Another alternative is to buy the tickets from resellers who rush around the bullring looking for last victims and they will ask for higher pay. Buying your ticket on time will avoid all these inconveniences.


Bullfight Tickets And Actual Prices 

Bullfight tickets are different because of some reasons. Obviously, best seats will have the high prices than the rest.

The prices of the seats will be charged by how close they are to the arena and if they are in the sun or shade region. In additions, there are other factors that facilitate to price variation, that is the type of the event, The importance of the bullring, and The present bullfighters. For an instant the Las Ventas fights are is much expensive than the La Maestranza bullfight tickets. Depending on where you buy the ticket, the price may vary from about 20 euros to hundreds of euros.

It is my hope that this guide will assist you to buy bullfight tickets in 2018. My advice is that if you have never attended this bullfight before or you want to know much about the Spanish culture, focus to stay close to the arena. The shaded area may serve you well and you will love the bullfight experience.


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Which Type Of Seats Is Available For Bullfight Events?

Square shaped bullrings existed during early 1800. This squared bullrings had corners which appeared dangerous to the fans as they could injure them. Because of this concern, all the bullrings today are circular-shaped. These bullrings occupy different areas in the arena:

Sun Area (Sol)- It is the most uncomfortable bullring as the sun reflect this area throughout the fights. Although there are the cheapest, people do not appreciate the area, especially in summer season. The fans keep on complaining about the inefficiency of the area due to unfavorable sun rays and heat.

Sun And Shade Zone (Sol y Sombra)- This is affected by shade as the fight goes on. When booking this seats, it is good to know that the sun will first reflect you, then covered by shade later as the fight continues. This place is slightly expensive than Sol area.

Shade Area (Sombra). Many people refer to this place as the V.I.P seats. It is the best place to seat but the price is slightly high compared to other seats.

The three areas are then divided into sections or “tendidos”. The term tendidos starts for bullrings. La Maestranza further divides the tendidos as:

  • Tendidos 8, 10, 11, and 12 (Sun area).
  • Tendidos 6 and 9 (Sun area and shade)
  • Palcos bajos, Tendidos- 1, 2,3,4,5, and 7 (Shade area).


On the other, bullrings’ sits are of diverse types. The difference arises from the distance from the arena. Barrera is the best of the seats while the Canadas is the worst of the seats. While at Canadas you will not see the arena well because it is located far away. For a better understanding of the seats, it is good to search for the La Maestranza map.


Online Buying Of Sevilla Bullfight Tickets

Buying of Sevilla bullfight tickets is very simple and takes only a few minutes to complete the activity. Here are the guidelines to purchase Sevilla tickets online:

  1. Confirm the dates of bullfighting event that you propose to attend.
  2. Look the chart showing the seating criteria and choose the area you prefer to seat.
  3. Choose your preference are taking care not to select an area too far from the arena to have better experience. The area close to the arena will be charged a little bit high compared to other areas.
  • Provide all your details including personal information which will be saved for future purchasing of the same.
  • The online payment requires you to choose your payment method. Enter your details for the payment.
  • When you are done with the purchasing process, you will receive an email of confirmation.


Through the bullfighting event, you will learn a lot of things about Spain culture and tradition. All t6he questions about Spain and its tradition will be answered at the end of the event. There are a lot of traditions in Spain, and you will be fascinated by them. All the questions that you will have about Spain will be answered during the bullfight event.



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