Spain In March 2018: Weather And Events For Spring In Spain


In March of every year, spring is expected to start in Spain. Spring is characterized by cool and dry weather. This is the amplest time to visit Spain. During this period different cities in Spain have different average temperature. Understanding weather and events in Spain in March 2018 is crucial to illustrate springs in Spain.


Weather In Northern Spain In March

Unlike the southern region of Spain which experiences spring season much earlier, spring in northern Spain occurs much later. Northern Spain regions experience much warmer weather in March than in February. Even if not too much, Basque receive regular rain in March. Bilbao has a minimum and maximum temperature of 8 degree Celsius and 16 degree Celsius in March respectively.


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Weather In North West Of Spain In March

The countries in North West, Spain has no any better weather. Galicia and Asturias are wet throughout March just like other months in spring. Temperatures range from 10 degree Celsius to 14 degree Celsius in March in North West of Spain. Galicia and Asturias have a lot of showers in March.


Weather in Madrid in March

In March, Madrid has a relatively high temperature. March is the best recommended time to visit Madrid as there are no showers and the temperature is right. Two months after March, Madrid receives spring rain. The average minimum temperature in Madrid is 7 degree Celsius while the average maximum temperature is 16 degree Celsius in May 2018.


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Best Places To Be In Spain In March


All people in Spain come up together to celebrate one of the largest festivals in March. This is the best places to be in March since people from different parts of Spain assemble here to express their emotions and feelings. Barcelona opens admission for many people who want to get away from their places with boring celebrations. Numerous events transpire in Barcelona including Sant Medir Festival, FEC Festival, Barcelona beer festival among others.


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Cadiz And Jerez

If you have visited Spain in March, don’t hesitate to attend the Jerez Flamenco Festival which starts from 1st to 9th March. This is a very colorful festival and when invited feel free being part of them.



Valencia is another city you may not fail to visit at your stay in Spain. Valencia celebrates a very appealing festival from 15th to 9th March-‘Fallas Festival’. In Spain, Valencia is the third largest city with a vast population. Majority of the events in this region takes place around the city. This means that the events are delightful that you must attend. Here you will also find Elche that holds the most prevalent celebrations in Spain. Also, Valencia celebrates Palm Sunday in Castellon de la Plana as well as Fiesta de la Magdalena happenings that you cannot afford to miss.


Significant Events in March in Spain

Carnival- February is the actual month when this event is celebrated in Spain. It is pushed to March incase Easter holiday comes late in February. The main communities for LGBTQ are Chueca and Barcelona which neighbors Madrid. They are the main staring communities of the carnival show. Other central regions where the carnival is greatly celebrated is Cadiz and Tenerife. Any region in Madrid celebrate Carnival event.

The start of Bullfighting– It is in March where the famous bullfighting events start. The fights continue on every Sunday until October. Madrid is the central place where people buy tickets to attend the event. Other regions in Spain are also scheduled to start bullfighting season around March.

Barcelona Beer Festival– This event takes place in Maritim de Barcelona. It is an expertise beer festival in Barcelona.

Fec Festival– This is a small film festival which takes place in Reus region adjacent Barcelona.

Classic Car Rally of Mallorca– This current car rally takes place in Balearic Islands of Mallorca.

Las Fallas– This event takes place in Valencia-the third largest city in Spain. It takes place on March fifteen to nineteen every year and is the most prominent street party in Spain. The party is highly respected, and every person closes his/her business to attend it. Benidorm, Denia and Xativa regions hold other mini Fallas festivals.

During the party diverse communities in Valencia engages in making mache statuaries out of high tech papers and exhibit them across the city. This scriptures are from different persons of significance or representing other traditional information.

Motortec- This event involves observing of trade shows. The events take place in Madrid at Ifema exhibition hall.

Jerez Flamenco Festival- This festival takes place in Jerez, Andalusia. It is one of the last flamencos festivals in Spain and starts it starts in February each year.

Old Music Festival– This is a beautiful festival that you should check out while in Spain. The festival is celebrated nearly one month in Seville. It is characterized by playing the old music which is very enjoyable.

Semana Santa– This is an event to celebrate Easter holiday in Spain. It happened either at the end of March or early April and celebrated in the whole of Spain.

Fiesta de la Magdalena– It is celebrated at Castellon de la Plana adjacent to Valencia. It is a traditional festival. Christianity reveals their success over the customs. In Spain, this is a must-attend event.

Spannabis– This trade fair is done in Barcelona. It purposes to endorse the usage of cannabis lawfully in Spain. March is the actual month that this event happens.

Tradionarius Festival– It is a traditional music festival which takes place in Barcelona. Tradionarius festival starts in January to March every year. People in Barcelona enjoy their culture through this event.

Sant Medir Festival– This costumed parades festival is done in Gracia, Barcelona on 3rd March.

Gaucin Bull Run– It is a mini bull run that takes place in Gaucin near Malaga city. Gaucin Bull Run is related to the one that takes place in Pamplona. When visiting Spain don’t afford to miss this event!


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