Spain Weather In June 2018 – What To Pack And Wear


While Summer time in Spain does not guarantee great weather at all times, it however means more opportunities at picturesque landscapes and scenes that are amazing in the mornings with sunshine and afternoons in sepia tones.

Even thought there’s isn’t much rain in Spain in June compared to the other countries in Europe, the odds of rain are still somewhat likely.


Weather In Andalusia In June 2018

It is best to experience this corner of Spain in June. Strolls in ancient mountain villages and beautiful national parks is magical when the weather in Andalusia in June is warm but not that bad compared to the month of August in Andalusia.

There isn’t that much rain in Andalusia in June. The temperature in Andalusia averages around 81°F/27°C as the max in Malaga and lows average about 63°F/17°C throughout the month.


Weather In Barcelona In June 2018

It is excellent to travel to Barcelona in June when it is in between weathers, where extreme temperatures has not yet arrived but still warm and sunny that you’ll be able to get a tan on the beach or drinks some beer/ wine on the terraza. Temperatures range invariably in the low of seventy degrees fahrenheit in the morning to noon and a cool but pleasant enough for an evening stroll temperature of up to sixty six degrees fahrenheit

It is worthy to note that in summer of 2008, Barcelona experienced such heavy rains as it was coming off of a period with little rain that swept most of Europe. It rained heavily for days. As noted above, rain is a possibility at any time of the year. It would be excellent to check weather forecasts and reports.

The weather in Barcelona in June is starting to get a little warmer, with temperatures that are about 27°C (80°F) during the day and about night temps close to 18°C (64°F) while the later days of late June become even warmer going as high as eighty degrees fahrenheit that doesn’t really go less than sixty four degrees fahrenheit.


Weather In Madrid In June 2018

The weather in June in Madrid is expected to be dry and warm at the same time. The locals in Madrid say that “Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo” which means – “Until the 14 of May, don’t take off your raincoat”. Suggesting not to put away clothes that are meant for the rain until the second week of June. While the forecasts would predict warmer and dryer days the rains could still be back anytime.


Weather In North-West Spain In June 2018

Because of its elevation, the weather in the cities of Asturias and Galicia could unpredictable. It is best to come prepared for cold nights, rain and considerably hot days. In June, it could be just about down with the extremely wet season and easing into just mild rain. It is best to check out weather forecasts before proceeding on your travel.

During the month of June, the temperatures average around 66°F/19°C for the high in Santiago de Compostela. While the temperature average for the low is around  57°F/14°C.




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