Spain Weather In May 2018 – What To Wear And Pack For Spain In May?


The weather of Spain in May brings images of siestas, sunshine and the sea by the beach. Enjoy a vibrant country with the spirit no other state in the world. However, what is the appropriate time to explore expanses and islands in Spain? Absolutely, any time is perfect for your vacation.

The country is an all-round journey’s end. It vaunts lengthy sunny days as well as a large number of sunshine hours compared to her neighbors and counterparts. Spain has highly diverse sites to explore and party in May 2018.


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Consider yourself as a lucky born if you get a chance to visit Spain in May! However, before you set your trip to Spain, you should be advised that the weather in May will be unpredictable and one year will greatly differ from the other. Spain experience three different climatic zones: The first one is characterized with Exotic Mediterranean climate; the second is dominated by continental climate; and the third one experience oceanic climate.

The climate in Spain is known to vary drastically because of the Mediterranean to the East and South and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and north.


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Andalusia In May

The weather in Andalusia in May is very pleasant. In this specific time, the sun shines over the genuine Spanish erections while the streets are filled with the start of the summer. This makes the weather to be much warmer but not as powerful as it is during the summer months. Andalusia normally receives unpredictable rainfalls in May, thus be advised to carry an umbrella when away from your hotel.


Barcelona In May

Barcelona is the most wonderful place you should be in May, more so, if you are a rain phobia. Unlike in Madrid where the rain is frequent in May, in Barcelona except to witness rainfall utmost three times for the entire month.

The weather in Barcelona in May is starting to warm up, but not very hot, blazing and summery yet. In the early weeks in May, you may expect a few cloudy days. Be couscous and bring with you a jacket in the evening! Also, you will experience beach weather in the morning until 3 pm and later the weather turns a little bit colder. This weather drastically changes within the last few days of the month where you experience the promising start of summer. The temperature during this time ranges from 15C to 26C.

May is the best time of the year for you to visit Barcelona because the weather is pleasant and tourist have not flocked, you will get all the attractions to yourself!


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Madrid In May

The weather in Madrid will vary drastically from one year to another. It may be cold and harsh in winter or tremendously hot and humid during the summers. This extreme temperatures (intensely cold and scorching hot) will not favor your vacation at all.

This brings us to the importance of May in Madrid! It is one of the shoulder months and the crowds are limited in numbers. The prices are still not rocketing and the weather is a bit milder. Madrid is the sunniest city in Europe, but you will absolutely enjoy clear skies in May. The temperature ranges from 20C to 21C in May. This is the fantastic period in the year where the city starts to burst into colors and pool parties. You will enjoy numerous outdoor cafes in the city. But don’t forget to come with an umbrella because there are chances of little rainfall.

The weather is characterized by rapidly rising temperatures, rising anything from 16C TO 33C. However, the weather tends to drop drastically during the night. Your luggage should contain with a light cardigan, light clothes, an umbrella, scarves and a jacket to be in a safe side! Remember the weather can rise to an astounding 33C!


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North Spain And Its Weather

The northern countries of Spain- Asturias Ah Galicia, Basque, and the Cantabria country have a lovely weather, extensive beaches, and miscellaneous histories. This is a must visit countries! Be advised that, unlike other regions in Spain, North Spain region has frequent rain, cloudy skies, and fog- but keep calm!

Due to high elevation, the weather is considered most unpredictable in entire Spain. Heavy rains are frequent in this region any time of the year. The temperatures range from 12C TO 22C.


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