What To Wear And Pack For Weather In May In Spain 2018


Spain in May is characterized by sunshine, the sea, and siestas by the breach. Spain is a colorful country; a spirit that is not processed by any other country. Many of the foreigners have a pressing question of when to visit Islands and regions in Spain. Fortunately, the right answer is, Spain is wonderful to visit at any time in the year.

Besides our counterparts and neighbors who experience varying weather condition in May, Spain is not affected in any way. In May, Spain will boast long sunny days, a large number of sunshine hours and extremely different wonders to visit and revel.


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Count yourself lucky if you are visiting Spain in May. What you are only required to know is the weather patterns in Spain in May. Spain is characterized by three different climate zones but varies from one year to the other. The first climate zone is dominated by the exotic Mediterranean climate. The second one is characterized by continental climate while the last is subject to oceanic climate.

Thus, in May, Spain is dominated by Mediterranean climate to the south and East and north and west of Atlantic Ocean.

So with the Mediterranean to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the climate in Spain in May varies dramatically. Sometimes, the climate in Spain in May may vary drastically.


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Weather In Northern Spain

The Basque, Cantabria and Ah Galicia country are all in North Spain. They are characterized by beautiful weather, straggly beaches, and different history. This makes many people anxious to visit Northern Spain in any Spain route. Unfortunately unlike other parts of Spain, Northern Spain experience more rain, cloudy skies, and fog- don’t be upset!

Due to high elevation in this region, the weather is very unpredictable and sometimes high rainfall is experienced. The range of temperatures is about 12C to 22C!


Madrid In May

It is believed that Madrid has harsh climate into ones face. It is either cold and harsh during the winter or tremendously hot and humid during summers. This extremes of temperature make it unfavorable for one to visit Madrid at his/her pressure.

May in Madrid is exceptional- locals refer May as the shoulder month. Clouds are not often available, the weather is milder and rocketing in prices of the basic commodity not as much. You will enjoy unobstructed skies in May, despite Madrid being one of the sunniest metropolises in Europe. At this time of the year, Madrid experience a little rainfall time to time. The temperatures are around 21C in Madrid in May. This pleasant temperature allows the city to burst into colors; pool parties emerge as well as outdoor cafes disbursed in the city.

It is important to note that weather at the beginning of May averages to 16C and overwhelm 33C at the end of the month.

There is a characteristic of temperatures rising rapidly in May in Madrid and dropping drastically during the night. Thus, if visiting Madrid during this specific month, wear light clothes, scarves, and a jacket. An umbrella is also relevant just in case of the rain!


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Barcelona In May

If you are a rain phobia (which I think most of us are), then the best place to be in May in Spain is Barcelona. Unlike Madrid which experiences some rain in May, Barcelona drier. In fact, last year I stayed in Barcelona for almost seven months, and I witnessed rainfall only three times! Thank Barcelona as one of those days was my birthday.

The weather in Barcelona, in May, usually is initiating to warm up. It isn’t that hot, scorch and summery to be specific. At the beginning of May, the weather is cloudy, and for one to be safe, he/she should carry a jacket as some evenings are so cold.

Whether in Barcelona at the beginning of May, may vary from time to time. From the morning up to 3 pm, you may experience beach weather then cold for the rest remaining hours. Approaching the end of the month, the start of summer begins to be evident. During this time, the average day temperature is recorded 15C to 26C. It is, therefore, safe to visit Barcelona in May as the tourists are not flocked, and you can explore everything at your pressure!


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Weather In Andalusia In May

The weather In Andalusia in may be described as great and perfect. In this specific time, the sun shines over the authentic Spanish building while the start of the summer fills the streets of Andalusia. This makes the weather to be warm but not as much as it is in the summer months. Remember to bring in an umbrella while visiting Andalusia in May as rainfall may fall at any time!



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