Gothenburg: What To Pack For Winter Trip In Gothenburg


A small mountainous area in Sweden, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden with a touch of German architecture, beautifully panoramic gardens and amusement parks, with a wide assortment of stores, shops, boutiques and stalls in the center. The Dutch-themed inspired canals, that became a famous center for trading, gives the city its appeal and eccentricity.

Sweden, like most European countries, has a cold weather and Gothenburg is known to have icy cold temperatures. It is only apt to be well-prepared before landing in Gothenburg. Carrying heavy coats, ear-warmers, boots, pullovers, socks, leggings is the right choice to beat the icy cool weather of Gothenburg.

If you are planning to spend the weekend in Gothenburg, you will need some must-haves to make the trip weather-friendly. A list of these must-haves is as below. This is exclusive of the necessities like underwear and other such personal clothing.


Gothenburg: What To Pack For Winter Trip In Gothenburg

Inner Layer Clothes

Carrying leotards, long tights, tight fitting body warmers and warm inner clothes comes to your rescue when the temperatures dip below the freezing point. They are comfortable and helpful for additional warmth and can be used as night-wear too. If you have inner clothes, it becomes easier to wear, back, middle and top clothes. The number of inner layer clothing will depend on how long you are planning to stay.


Base Layer Clothing

The clothes that are packed would serve as your outfits of the day. The top layer clothing will be part of the daily clothes that can be worn easily inside buildings that have heaters and other low-temperature air conditioners. The base clothes can be topped with thicker clothes for an added layer of warmth. Besides, thermal tops can also be bought for additional warmth. Any kind of long-sleeved or short-sleeved clothes can be worn provided a layer of bottom clothing of tight leggings or inner shirts is worn.

Any kind of clothing material can be worn, whether long sleeved or short sleeved provided you wear a bottom layer of long tight leggings and inner shirts.

It is advisable to wear long pants to cover your legs; however, skirts of all sizes and lengths are a good option provided you double your leggings and tights.



They are must in Gothenburg, thanks to freezing temperatures which get chillier as the wind blows. Thick coats are what you will need to beat the chilly weather. However, it is important that these coats are waterproof or trench coats as there are times when it rains during the winter making the air freeze.

If your stay gets longer than a weekend, it is advisable to carry another coat which can be dry-cleaned at laundry shops or dried using the hotel room heaters. It becomes easier to replace a coat with another if the rain damps it.



The only kind of boots that would help you beat the Gothenburg winters are the ones that come with spikes and a thick lining underneath that will hold the ground and lessen the chances of slipping and falling during the spells of showers. Make sure these boots shelter a lot of coverage of your feet to save you from the chilly winters here.


Winter Head Gear

Covering the head with a thick woolen caps, bonnets and hats is of great help during the icy cold temperatures here. They make you feel warmer especially when you plan to go out for a little walk during the near shivery temperatures. Some caps or other head gear comes in the form of hoods with jackets. They are one of the best for your protection.

Scarf And Shawl

Neck is another important part of your body that feels most of the chills. It is a good option to cover your neck with a scarf or a thick woolen shawl to help protect the skin. Besides shawls can be used as a head gear in you forget to bring your hat.


Gloves come in knitted materials, wool, fur, cotton, synthetic silk and leather to add a layer of protection to your bare hands throughout the day.



Jumpers are not just good clothes to slip in during the night but also a fashion outfit in Sweden. Jumpers made from cottons, jeans or cashmeres send out a style statement.



Pick up a pair of socks to cover your feet enough to save you from the chills during the day.



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