3 Week Thailand Itinerary: Best Guide For Traveling To Thailand For 3 Weeks


Thailand itinerary plan may prove to be a good term of reference during your 3-week visit. Coming up with a concrete plan that may guide you on what to see i9n Thailand on your three-week visit is somehow challenging. Thailand is quite different from other places in Asia, in that, there are numerous information on the exact places to visit and things to do. This makes it relatively hard to decide on where to visit and where to skip. Here is the must destination you may not afford to skip during your 3-week vacation in Thailand.


Thailand In 3 Weeks, What To See!

The below Thailand itinerary plan will help you come up with an idea what you may come across in Thailand for a three-week visit. It is advisable that you may reduce the number of days you visit a particular country and focus on the quality of time you will spend to have a better experience on things offered in that specific place. It is very challenging for the itinerary plan to cover all the places you may visit in Thailand as there are numerous memories you may not avoid to miss. However, the itinerary plan intends to analyze the must-visit destination. For more tips, it’s suggested to check out this page.


Visit Bangkok From Day 1 To 7

One week in Bangkok means one-third of the total days. You may anticipate that this is much for a single visit, but believe me, it is worth. You will take advantage to explore this numerous places in Bangkok including:

Kanchanaburi- This town is a throwback to how the slave workers and POWs passed over hardship during the time Japanese colonial held them on the South of Asia. A day is enough to mark this memorable event.

Ayutthaya- This town was the former capital city of Bangkok. The ancient city was listed by world heritage. You will enjoy exploring ancient temples among bother interesting sites in Ayutthaya. Visiting this city will give you sweet memories.


Chang Mai & Surrounding Will Rock Day 8 To 15

After spending a whole week in Bangkok, take a plane to Chiang Rai and then board a bus to Chiang Mai. You may spend five days in Chiang Mai before breaking the monotony by enjoying the surrounding areas for the remaining three days. This period may not be sufficient to cover the sites you may visit but it is quite reasonable. You will just need a bike to visit the Mae Hong Son Loop or Chai Lai Orchid resorts.


Island Beaches May Serve Your Day 16 To 20

Thailand itinerary beaches will give you a memorable long-term experience irrespective of their location. Getting quality information about Thailand beaches requires you to spend your time in a specific Island rather than hopping from one place to another. I can advise you to visit beaches like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Phuket and Koh Pha Nga.

The entire beaches are fantastic and you will enjoy their amazing nature. If you may wish to access the Moon Party without any disturbances, then the Koh Samui beach is a perfect choice. Celebrating the Full Moon party may not be your preference, focus to visit Air Asia or Nok Air for a perfect package. There are numerous of discounted flight to take you to your destination whenever you purpose. The distance from one destination to the next is quite long so count one day of your three-week itinerary as a travel day.


Spending The Remaining Days In Thailand Itinerary

If you get more time with your itinerary plan, you may visit other new places rather than dwelling in Bangkok and in Islands. Other recommended places to visit include:

  • Umphang or Khao Yai National Park
  • Golden Triangle
  • Visit the temple fan at Sukhothai


What to Do If You Have Less Than Three Weeks For Itinerary Of Thailand

Not or people can manage a full three weeks package in Thailand for various reasons. Below are tips on how you can fewer days in Thailand:

Visit Bangkok for fewer days- Since you must visit the capital city to get the picture of the whole country, reduce your days to four to five by omitting one or two days visit in Bangkok.

Reduce your days at the Beach- Thai beaches visit can be reduced by one day. Fight travel should also be taken into considerations to avoid wastage of your important time. Cut the Chai Mai visit in half- You can visit the ancient city for three days and then proceed to the surrounding areas and the mountain for two days.


Which City Will Make Your Day Brighter, Chiang Rai Or Chiang Mai?

There is a controversial scenario on which city among Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai offers the best package for you. People have a diverse opinion, which according to me are subjective from one individual to another. However, Chiang Mai may be more attractive compared to Chiang Rai for the following reasons:

  • It is centralized hence easy walk around at any time
  • You may access Mai using bus or train easily from other regions of Thailand.
  • Mai is safer than Rai as it has a large population and street lights are distributed everywhere.
  • Tourist amenities more than in Rai thus can accommodate more tourist.


Going to Rai, you need to travel to Laos or Chiang Mai or else take airlift from the south. I would advise you to visit Chiang Mai rather Chiang Rai if you are in doubt of which place to visit.


Chiang Rai, What You Expect! 

Chiang Rai has unique things that may lack in another part of the world. Wat Rong Khun- white temple is a bizarre view only found in Rai. Wandering through this city offers a peculiar and a super exciting experience. Don’t forget to land in the White Temple during your visit at Chiang Rai.

The night market is another fantastic thing you need not miss. It is smaller than what you find in Chiang Mai but full of excitement. Wealthy temples are plenty in Chiang Mai and it is a must visit.

The last thing you will see in Chiang Rai is the Golden Triangle which is few miles away. Thailand, Los, and Myanmar come together in this Golden Triangle. After visiting the Golden Triangle you can extend your trip to Laos. However, it is not worth to invest much to visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai, you may skip it for your next visit.


Is Visiting Chiang Rai A Must? 

If you have adequate money visiting numerous places is worth and acceptable. People have a perspective that some places are a must visit, not knowing which to visit or what to not visit.

The northern side of Thailand according to the guidebooks is taken to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and their environs. This brings to people concluding that this region has similar amenities and are equally the same. It should be clear to you that these two places share only a common name. Chiang Rai is not a mini Chiang Mai even if the two has a night market, hiking outings, and numerous temples. Both of the city may be visited if money and time are not limited.



Like we had mentioned earlier visiting so many places within a very short period of time might not deliver quality. It is advisable to visit one place and explore the place to the level best then visit the next place another time you have a chance. In this contest, it not necessary to visit Chiang Rai if you have limited money and time. Other surrounding towns may serve as a good alternative and you will enjoy your trip as well without much wastage. If time and money are on your side, visit Chiang Rai as well.



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