20 Best Jobs For Travel That You Can Do Now – 2018 Edition


We all dream of traveling the world to escape boredom, to escape monotony and most importantly for life to not escape us. The mere mention of the word “holidays” is enough to stir and wake the explorer inside us. That feeling of packing the backpack and hitting the road is the most transcending in a lifetime. A curiosity to know more, learn, explore and survive is just the push you need to begin your journey.

Then what is holding you back? Why is that bucket list only getting longer? Inarguably, travelling is a privilege but not a very difficult one to get. In a world of today, with a mammoth of options open, you don’t need to be a millionaire to travel luxuriously. There are plenty of ways to travel cheaper, stay on a budget yet travel reasonably but more often than not, you run a chance of going nearly broke while on the road.

A dream job for all would be to get paid to travel. And it is possible to get paid while on the go which is like having a dream come true. We are listing the best ways to earn money for explorers around the world.

Think about it, this way you will not have to worry about running out of your savings which is more or less a sure thing to happen on the road. So, you will travel and earn while on the go. Some dreams do come true!!!!


Start Monetizing Your Skills – Freelance

We are all adept in at least one thing; be it writing, photography, singing, playing music, yoga, graphic designing; it is time to make money out of it. It becomes all the better if your skill is popular like that of a Yoga Instructor. You will be surprised by the amazing freelancing opportunities floating around. Even if you think that there is nothing out there to match your skillset, then develop one. Take an online course be it for photography, writing, website designing and hone it over time. Get to work; freelance as much as possible.

We complain about a monotonous routine several times a day. However, all that disappears while freelancing. The best part about it is its location independence. You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want.

You can practically work on a laptop from a café, a beach shack, in a metro, a hostel – literally from anywhere. It is however important to list your opportunities and see how much do they hold for you. Will these opportunities be able to pay for a trip or would you require steadier opportunities for that? Jot down the details and get to work. There are amazing opportunities to freelance for travelers around the world.


Work At Hostels

Hostels are the new rage among the travelers on a budget. They are comfortable and safe to stay at. Plus, you get to meet a lot of people and hear like-minded stories. These hostels are always in need of people to work for them. You can offer your services and get paid in cash or kind in return. A pay in kind could involve rent-free accommodation which is just what you need. A lot of travelers around Europe and Australia are doing just that making their trips easy-going.


Become A Flight Attendant

When we think of traveling cheaper yet keeping the luxury intact, what is the first profession that comes to mind? A flight attendant not only gets crazy discounts on flight bookings but also at hotels that are in partnership with the flight companies. The profession doesn’t require technical skills either; all you have to do is look presentable, be polite, have a smile on your face and have fun with people. To top it all, you will be always on the go, traveling nearly all countries of the world.

A downside is the hectic lifestyle that this profile entails. You will be travelling every single minute of the day from place to place. However, the job is favored by many considering it has more ‘pros’ than ‘cons’.


Become Cruise Crew

Have you always wanted to work on a boat and travel the world? How does doing that and getting paid for it sound? Pretty cool right! You can become cruise crew and work on a ship and work at one of the best jobs for travel. You’ll be traveling to exotic places, living in the sea and interacting with so many people all the time.


Become A Tour Guide

For those of you who are cheery and outgoing, becoming a tour guide is a great option. You meet people from all parts of the world and get to travel to beautiful destinations. All you need is a thorough knowledge of the place and cramming up lot of information that can be made fun and cheerful for the listeners.


Teach Your Skills

We are all good at one thing or the other. It can be anything, writing, reading, performing arts, painting, practicing yoga, gymnastics, karate, literally anything. You can part with your knowledge by teaching your skills abroad. Another great way to earn while travelling doing what you love.


Become A Travel Blogger

Travelling around the world has become easier and more resourceful, thanks to the vast information available online. That is what a Travel Blogger does! You can travel and get paid to travel by writing about it; giving as much information as you can and as would benefit your reader. It is easy too. All you have to do is, start a blog, customize it according to its niche, make it look attractive to the reader and start writing. Share the information with as many people as you can on social websites till you have a good following.

Write about your travels, giving information useful to the reader or something you might think can come in handy for a traveler. With good content will come good followers which will help you to take the next step towards affiliate marketing. You can get sponsored trips which means you will be paid for travelling and writing about your travels.

Build a reputation and start contacting companies if they would want you to write about their products/services and in return give you a free stay, discounted holidays or even travel products. There is a load of information available on the web to learn about affiliate marketing. You’d be surprised at how easy it is, and there will be companies reaching out to you. You have to be consistent and patient for few months before the career takes off.


Volunteer Abroad

There are organizations that pay to do one or the other type of volunteering work abroad which can send you to some of the most exotic locations on earth. It is not only rewarding but a big boost to your social life.


Become A Travel Agent

It’s in the name!!!! What can be a better way to build customized itineraries for other people, get huge discounts and commissions from flight companies and hotels! And everyone goes home happy.


Capitalize On Globalization

For those of you who have a great business acumen, you can start your own business anywhere thanks to the globalized world of today. You will need an idea, knowledge of the business and trade practices followed by a particular country and you will become your own boss anywhere in the world.


Become A Bartender

Have you always thought that you could have done much better at mixing those drinks than the bartender? If the answer is a ‘Yes’, then you have found yourself an opportunity to earn while traveling. There are bars everywhere in the world. Take advantage of your skill and become a bartender working either at different bars within the same city or bartending from one city to another.



Teach Your Native Language

We are a hugely diverse population and among the different customs and cultures, we have different languages. It is surprising how curious people are to learn different languages. Well, utilize it! You are adept in your language; share it with the world. Sure, there are languages that are more popular than the others but there is always a market for any native language. Plus, it requires little effort and great flexibility in the job. You can decide your charges, schedules, working hours and impart with what you have learnt throughout your life. What can be more rewarding than teaching!

Whatever your native language is, you’ll always find people interested in learning it. The more popular the language of course, the more likely you are to get customers, but there’s always a niche market for this travel job. That’s something you don’t have to worry about, and you can set your hourly rate however you want. It gives you extreme flexibility as you set your own schedules and rates, and it’s a great way to meet people too when you’re on the go. It will be an equally fulfilling experience for everyone involved.


Programming And Designing Websites

A profession for tech lovers, website designing and programming are in huge demand by companies of all types; traders, manufacturers, service providers, bloggers. With a background in website development and designing, you can provide your services to clients all over the world without being physically present there. This means that your services could be provided while you are on the go and you can charge according to your skillset.


Become A Videographer

Creating and editing videos is in huge demand almost for all types of companies, including hotels, travel-product related and among YouTubers. You get to either shoot and edit or just edit a video and this can be done from almost anywhere in the world. So, get paid to travel while doing something that you love.


Are You A Graphic Designer?

How would you like to get paid double of what you are paid at a normal job? And this can be done while you are working location independent! Every business enterprise needs a graphic designer be it advertisements, IT, marketing or corporates. Graphic designers are in great demand with almost every business house in the world. And all you need apart from the technical expertise is an internet connection and a laptop. You can travel all over the world, earn yourself enough money to travel decently and do what you love.


Professional Sailing

You can get paid to travel the whole world by becoming a professional sailor. And how is that possible? You can enter into competitions conducted worldwide as a professional sailor and travel the world. This will require a lot of commitment and hard work.


Become A Dancer

Becoming a professional dancer is another great way to earn money while on the go. You can visit through various countries and get paid dancing at different venues. Besides having a knack for dancing, you need hard work and commitment to become a professional dancer. If you are already one, pick a country suitable to your style and get going. Say, if you are a belly dancer, traveling around the Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan is a good option. However, you will need a lot of commitment and endurance to get yourself through.


Become An Ambassador Or Work In International Relations

Liked studying Political Science or International Relations? Why not make a career out of it? It is an excellent way to travel to different countries for meetings and managing the foreign affairs. The job, however, entails a serious responsibility. It is still brilliant way to have a stable and fulfilling job in which you get to travel a lot while doing something you cherish.


Work For A Multinational

Working for a multinational company will give you rotational transfers where you will get to work for reputed business houses from all over the world, have a stable job, earn a lot while traveling the word.


House-Sitting Or Babysitting

House-sitting, as the name suggests is looking after a house while the owners are away. It is a great way to earn decent money while also getting free accommodation.

Remember Home Alone? Well, everyone does including parents. They are looking for au pair services all the time for the little ones. You just need to be great with kids you are all set.



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