Best Things To Take In A Carry-On When Traveling


Handbags/ hand luggage play an unparallel part in our traveling experiences due to its sheer convenience and portability. We tend to carry our hand luggage with us in the airport and hotel lounges while the heavier luggage is ferried to its required destination awaiting our arrival. Thus, it is only evident to use this facility to our adaptive advantage by packing all that is necessary for the same. However, when it comes to the necessary things that need to be packed in the handbag, one often tends to over-pack or under-pack leading to messy situations at times.

I, myself, have encountered the problem of over-pacing my hand luggage many times during my wanderlust adventures as the convenience that the handbag offers can be often mistaken for an alternative to the duffle bags and trolley bags that comprises the traditional luggage. Now, the handbag is great because of the convenience that it offers but due to its portability, it is of a size that often fails to justify the number of components that the traveler tries to pack in it. Here, I would like to present to you with a list of the essential things that one should pack in his/ her handbag while traveling. All these things were shortlisted through extensive trials and errors on my part over years of traveling and backpacking trips.


10 Things to Pack in Carry-On/Hand Luggage

Documents- the Most Important Part of your Hand Luggage Packing

Last but not the least; documents are the most important part of your travel as, without them, your traveling endeavor wouldn’t have been a success, at least legally! There are certain documents that are a must-have in your hand luggage itinerary like your driving license, the visa of the country you plan to visit, passport etc. Also, make a note to carry enough cash and cards for every possible situation. These will collectively act as your license while you travel around!


Something to Keep You Warm – A Cardigan

It is essential to carry clothes that will help you to stay warm during those cold flights. You may fail to avail the benefit of blankets in many airlines due to cost-cutting. Therefore, it is only convenient for you to pack a cardigan or a sweater to keep yourself warm during such situations. Even if you are traveling to a tropical destination, carrying a cardigan can help you to survive many situations that could have proven life-threatening weather conditions.

Leverage the Convenience Of An iPad

Since the introduction of the technological wonder by Steve Jobs, the iPad has taken the world by storm with its extensive features and compatibility. It has been the perfect travel companion for folks who prefer to travel with only the essentials. If you do not like the bulk that comes complimentary with carrying a laptop then the iPad is the perfect solution for you! Due to the sheer availability of smart applications and entertainment features in iPad’s ecosystem, it can turn out to be a mini work-cum-entertainment station during your travels. Whether you want to watch your favorite movies, listen to the latest musical content/ podcasts or access your work documents on the go and surf the internet; the iPad does it all for you! Store your documents in the cloud and carry your favorite books and movies during your travels with this essential piece of technological wonder!


Avoid noisy & Unpleasant Situations with a Pair of Headphones

We, humans, have a general disliking for loud unpleasant noises that haunt us during long flights. A good noise canceling is a hero in such kind of situations. It can entertain you in your comfort while you are transported away from the havoc around you into the realm of entertainment. Pack a good pair of noise-canceling headphones in your backpack and teleport yourself away from any unpleasant & noisy situation. I suggest that you get Beats headphones or Bose headphones.


Arrange Your Own First Aid in Emergencies- Mini Medi-kit

When you are traveling, you may face a variety of conditions and dangerous situations that may result in getting yourself hurt. Carrying a mini media-kit along with you is a highly convenient option to easy first aid access. Your location may not always have the necessary materials to provide basic first aid service so it is wise to carry your own kit.


External Power Sources for the Dying Batteries of Your Gadgets

Imagine that you have landed on an unknown destination or a new country with a dead cell phone battery. Just imagine the number of hurdles you are going to face in order to accomplish a task that you could have otherwise solved easily using your phone. Therefore, it is essential that you carry a power bank along with enough travel adapters in order to recharge your phone’s battery easily at inconvenient locations. A portable power bank can help you in a number of ways.

Most power banks today come with the capacity of charging your phone’s battery to its fill at least twice in its full capability. Such a level of convenience was absent to the last generation of travelers! Also, pack enough number of universal travel adapters that are compatible with the electrical sockets of the country that you plan to visit in order to charge your equipment while you stay there. I’ve also found a wonderful gadget accessory – the Anker PowerCore + Mini-, which is an extremely helpful travel companion. It charges fast and takes up minimal space.


Better Safe Than Sorry-Pack a Set of Clothes & Snacks for Messy Scenarios

As the famous saying goes- “Precaution is better than care.” , it is always essential to be prepared for any kind of unwanted situation that may pose as a hindrance to your otherwise flawless trip. Be it a lost luggage that will take time to retrieve or an opportunity to travel to somewhere with very light packing, having a set of spare clothes and some snacks in your hand luggage is always a boon in disguise.


An Element to Rehydrate Us – Vapur Water Bottle

How about having a quick sip of water to quench that sudden burst of thirst? Alas, due to aggressive cost-cutting by many airlines, you won’t be provided or able to purchase water bottles on board the plane. A Vapur water bottle is perfect for such times. It has convenient dimensions and comes equipped with a wide variety of designs to allure you and the onlookers alike.

A Vapur water bottle is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to stay dehydrated or even thirsty under any circumstances. They are easy to pack and take up very less space in your handbag. The most amazing feature of these wonderful products is that they can be easily folded after emptying the contents inside.


Toothbrush & Toothpaste- The Pair that Keeps You Fresh & Hygienic

The necessity of basic toiletries is unparallel for a traveler. Having a set of the toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning liquids and shampoo is something that every hygiene-loving individual desires while traveling. You can arrange a small pack of the essential toiletries that can easily fit into your hand luggage. Trust me; you would be thanking me for this later on.


Relax at Your Convenience with an Eye Mask

An eye mask is an essential travel companion if your trip includes long overseas flights. These masks will be able to gift you a peaceful nap in a cabin with numerous activities going around. For me, an eye mask helps to sleep during flights where your fellow passengers may have different sleep timings and patterns than you! Some may prefer to have a late night chat with their companion; some prefer to read a book before sleeping while others tend to their kids or elderly folks creating an extremely uncomfortable position for someone planning to bid the night goodbye. An eye mask is a boon in disguise for these scenarios.

A relaxing eye pillow would be a great choice to have a better sleep during flights. It’s aesthetic and comes equipped with a wonderful scent to liberate your senses!




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