Best Travel Hacks For Traveling Light With Only What You Need


After effective planning of the travel vacation and you are fully satisfied with all documents you are required to have, the remaining bit is to consider the essentials for your vacation (what to bring and pack). Having all that you need is a basic requirement for all travelers; whether first time travel or experienced tourists.

Having the correct attires for specific activities make you enjoy your visit to the fullest. It is not exciting to miss your beach retreat because of forgetting a swimwear. Or missing the nightlife fun clubbing for packing unwanted clothes. For these reasons, it is important to plan and use some travel flunkies for traveling basics.

Some of the women often carry hefty and massive luggage when traveling (men may agree to this travel page though it does not want to sound sexist). Women just don’t like to change garments and footwear as many times in a day but they see it necessary to keep prepared at all times. It is quite agreeable that women are better in planning and are always well-prepared compared to men. While leaving the house, women make sure they pack all the things that seem to be of necessity so that they would not miss anything. Clearly, that explains why women have huge and heavy bags even when they are just headed to job or even when going shopping.

This is a dilemma that can be set by simply taking some good points from backpack travelers. The “backpackers “usually pack light and convenient travel luggage. It is surprising how much they carry in their small backpacks and on reaching their destination they have all they need with them.


Best Travel Hacks For Traveling Light With Only What You Need

Know The Weather And The Nature Of Your Destination

The weather of your destination will depend on what you should pack and what to leave. In a warm day, women can pack shawl. For colder regions, tourists should bring on a sweatshirt or a jacket. Those who have a trench coat can bring it and forgo thick jackets.

Do you wish to go at the beaches for one day swim? One swimwear is just enough. Basically being familiar with your destination will help you check what you already have and what you must purchase. Having nice and viable budget will work better.


Carry A Handbag

This small bag will help you carry your light and functional items like wallet, passport, smartphone, coin purse, camera, and keys. Other bulk items could be left in your hotel.


Footwear Is Just Enough

In case on a formal event or on restaurants, bring either light shoes or a sandal. Women may prefer packing sandals to wear during their vacation as they save in multiple places including shopping, going to the beaches, restaurants or at flee market. Sandal and light shoes are convenient to walk or ride a bike. Most of the time it is advisable to wear heavy clothes and shoes when traveling.


Basic Toiletries Are A Must Pack

Necessary toiletries like toothpaste, perfume, tissue, sunblock, towels, shampoo, deodorants, and lotion should not be forgotten in case you are not sure of your destination (if there is a near grocery). Basic toiletries should not be left behind if you need to save some money on your retreat or you have precise varieties of preferences.

However, most of the hotel provides basic toiletries like lotion, towels, and shampoo. Airplane and other transportation mode have a limit of liquid bobble you should carry (utmost 100ml). If you wish to travel with your favorite brands like shampoo and lotions, make sure they are small or equal to 100ml.


Carry Your Basic Gadgets

When traveling to a new place you need to carry a camera or a smartphone to take photos. Current smartphones have adequate storage capacity, thus no need to carry a camera. Recording your adventures will bring an interesting through back in future. Recording adventure is not an activity for first time tourist, those visiting for first or third times are also encouraged to do it as it is a new experience. Also, bring the chargers gadget to support your devices.

When preparing your devices, remember to park those which are lighter and smaller for conveniences. Smaller devices can be packed in your handbag. Since most of the basic devices are valuable, they should be packed in areas away from thieves and pickpockets.


Bring One Set Of Jeans

Jeans are the most convenience clothes to pack for both men and women. Jeans match will appropriate clothing. They can be used in many places like restaurants, during traveling and other on the go activities. They make you hastily and freely. Extra pants should be packed for emergencies such as staining, wetting or wearing in the next few days if you fail to wash some.

For women. Carrying extra light and thin skirt will not harm. However, it must be accomplished with undergarment as it will keep you uncomfortable when pulling it down when the wind blows. Climbing stairs with a very short skirt may be somehow offensive.


Always Remember To Pack Towel, Sleeping Clothes, And Undergarments

Some tourist is allergic and is affected by hotel towel, to them thin towels that are faster to dry will work better. Undies are a must and should be in large numbers mostly for women! For men, 1 pair of underwear is just enough. For obvious reasons, women are more sanitary freaks. Always wear a clean underwear. You may wash it at night or early in the morning before you live for endeavors. Undies made out of tinny fabric dry faster.


If Your Are Packing Bigger Stuff Use A Luggage 

Luggage is more convenient than a backpack. Luggage is easy to pack, ready to place things outside. It has fewer wrinkles. The luggage has wheels which make it lighter to carry unlike a backpack or a handbag. You only need to push or pull it. A luggage will accommodate large items like boots, shoes, heavy coats and underclothes. In case you are traveling in areas prone to rain or dust, use a leather or plastic luggage to protect your clothes and devices.


Backpack Will Sometimes Serve Better

When you are chasing down your bus or train schedule, a small light backpack may serve better. It will not affect your opportunities to ride different kinds of transportation. A backpack is most convenience during motorcycle rides especially in most places in Asia. If you have large volumes of items you are carrying, you may use both backpacks and wheeled luggage or you can opt to pack all your commodities in a single backpack.

My advice is that you should carry a light backpack to prevent back pain (less than 30% of your total weight). A heavy backpack may cause skeletal discomfort as well as muscular problems.


Extra Light Bags Will Be The Most Convenient

It is easy to access small bags. An extra light bag can be used for shopping and to place entire knick-knack you may purchase along the way. An extra light bag is much relied on when your luggage and backpack is full.

Plastic or dust bag can is convenient for your laundry. Do not mix dirty and clean clothes. For dirty clothes, plastic bags should be used.


Pack Light Trek  

On-go-clothes and ragged clothes (tights, leggings, and long sleeve leotards) are very convenient when climbing high towers and during long-distance destination. It is easy to wear these trek and ragged clothes under your packed shirts, skirts, and jeans.


Pack Diverse Tops 

As we said earlier. Jeans will match with different wearing or any pants. Utmost 3 t-shirts will serve better during your vacation. Men should bring one polo shirt while women one blouse if they anticipate attending for an official or semi-formal setting.

It is worth to enjoy your vacation!


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