Canon G7X Mark ii Screw- Replacements From Techzomo


The best feeling in the world is being able to capture that magical moment, may it be with a picture or video that you’ve taken with your Canon G7x Mark ii. The only thing that can ruin that moment is if your screen screws fall out, limiting how you can use your camera.

In my case, I already had one of the screws missing and then the second screw fell out when I was on a beautiful hike and about to take a selfie when I flipped open the screen the other screw dropped. I was able to still use my G7x, but I had to be very careful because the screen was very lose and could come apart from the camera at any moment.

When I got home I called Canon and they told me the only option I had was to send it in and they’d replace me screen with a new on. The process would cost a couple hundred dollars and I was about to do it until I looked at my bank account and saw that it would basically drain all the money I had left in my savings.

Since I realized that I couldn’t afford to get the screen replaced, the only option I had left was try to fix the problem myself. So I started off by going to a few different camera stores seeing if they had anyCanon G7x screen screws because that would fix my problem, because I really didn’t need a new screen, I just needed the screws. With no luck I tried some specialty hardware stores around town and after a few days, I was still without any screw from my G7x.

I was about to call it quits and spend all my remaining my money with Canon to just give me a new screen until my cousin told my about how his friend had the same camera and she was about to get her G7x screen fixed by buying some screws from


Canon G7x Screws

I decided it was worth a shot because for the price of the screw it was something I was willing to test out because spending so much money on a new screen. I went to the website and ended up buying two Canon G7x Mark ii screws that ended up arriving at my door in a few days. I also bought a screwdriver with it because I didn’t want to risk not having a screwdriver at home that would fit the G7x screws.

Once the screws arrived, I was able to quickly fix my screen within minutes and I was so happy. I was able to save a few hundred dollars and my camera as looked brand new again. I didn’t have to worry anymore that the screen would fall off when I used my G7x in the future.




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