Longest Tunnels Around The World – 2018 Edition


Tunnels have interesting history along with human evolution. Initially, there were built with an aim of territorial defense for countries, metropolises or hamlets. These territories protected the city, country or village against conflicting kingdoms as well as land grabbers. A few years ago, many countries have curiosity on tunnels and built them for seepage trajectory and later developed to be the secret underground transportation of military use. Tunnels are also developing as a result of mining valuable oils, stones and gases. Some of these tunnels built for above specific reasons form the longest tunnels in the globe.

In the early 19th century, tunnels are used by trains as underground means of transportation, where they convey people and goods to different destination. Actually, we have hundreds of thousands of tunnels as well as underground railways around the globe. Below are top 5 longest tunnels in the world that tourist might be interested to visit in 2018!


The Top 5 Longest Tunnels Around The Globe

This article highlights 5 longest tunnels in the world along with their lengthy and location.


Laerdal Tunnel

The Laerdal Tunnel extends from Aurland-Sogn Og Fjordane to North Eastern Bergen, Norway.

  • Location: Norway
  • Length: 24.5 kilometers


Tunnel Lotschberg Base 

The land of Switzerland has wide very wide space unraveling her cities and town. This space supports a wide range of tunnels. One of the tunnel-Lotschberg Base in this country happens to among the top 5 tunnels in the world. The tunnel is well visible across the Alps where it is 400 meters above the sea level.

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Length: 34.6 kilometers


Channel Tunnel

Another unique tunnel! Being one of the longest tunnels across the earth, it is also the largest subway subversive path erection. The Channel Tunnel is currently used as a conveyance for commuters from Coquelles in Frace to Folkestone in the United Kingdom.

  • Location: In the middle of Northern France and England
  • Length: 50.3 kilometers


Tunnel Seikan 

One of the most country with favorite transportation system in Japan. This is not without some drawbacks such as train design being complex, more so in Tokyo, but generally, the country has a well-organized railway system. It has one of the longest tunnels in the world-Seikan, which runs from Tsugaru Straights, through Aomori Prefecture to Honshu to Hokkaido islands.

  • Location: Japan
  • Length: 53.9 kilometers


Gotthard Base Tunnel

Gotthard Base Tunnel- Switzerland is the longest tunnel across the globe. This tunnel links the Alps and Swiss area and used to transport large cargos to and from the two areas.

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Length: 151 kilometers


Are you interested to visit Gotthard Base Tunnel or the other 4 longest tunnels in the globe?




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