Ray Ban Wayfarer Screw- Replacements From Glasses Tools


The best feeling in the world is being out with friends on a sunny day and enjoying the wonderful weather and looking amazing with your stylish sunglasses. The only thing that can dampen your mood is if your sunglasses break. In my case, this happened to my Ray Ban Wayfarers when the screw fell out of the arm hinge, thus making the sunglasses fall off my face.

I instantly thought that these sunglasses are damaged goods and I should go out and buy a new pair. I was about to make a new purchase until I checked my bank account and I realized I couldn’t afford a new pair of Ray Bans. Thus my only option was to fix my broken Ray Ban sunglasses.

I started off by going to local glasses stores to see if they had any spare screws that would fit, but they didn’t have any and they suggested to check out a specialty hardware store. After driving to a few different hardware stores around the city, I was still not any closer to fixing my Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarers as no place had any Rayban Wayfarer screws that would fit.


Ray Ban Wayfarer Screws

I was about to give up and just go out and send all the money I had left for a new pair of sunglasses because I was out of luck thinking to myself that no where sells any Ray Ban Wayfarer replacement screws. But luckily for me my friend told me about how he had the same situation and he fold some Ray Ban replacement screws for Clubmasters on a site called GlassesTools.com that also had Rayban Wayfarer screws.

I decided to go and check it out and see it they would be my night in shinning armer. The price for the screws were reasonably priced and thought it was taking a shot because it would still be cheaper then me spending all my money on a new pair.

After I bought two Ray Ban Wayfarer screws, an extra one just in case another ones falls out in the future. GlassesTools.com sent my order out very quickly and I received the package within a few days.

The screw was easy to install and I was able to make my Ray Ban Wayfarers like new within just a few minutes. The money spent on the screws was well worth it because I saved hundreds from not having to go out a buy a new pair of Ray Bans.



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