Suitcase Or Backpack? 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Travel With A Suitcase


Confused about how to pack your stuff while traveling? The excitement to travel is at times marred by the confusion of whether to carry your luggage in a backpack or a suitcase. So, which one is better to use? Well that depends on what kind of traveler you really are- an unconventional backpacker or a seasoned tourist.

While the tourists are more orderly, sticking to the itinerary, the backpackers are wanderers who go with the flow exploring the places untouched, in search of adventure, risk, thrill and vivacity. The backpack is thus chosen based on the style of your trips and how you choose to travel.

So how would you pack things when you travel whether as a seasoned tourist or a wandering backpacker? Inarguably, backpacks are perfect for travelling to places where the roads are cobble-stoned which makes it difficult to carry the suitcase around. There are however good reasons that make the suitcases another good option for travelling.


10 Reasons Why You Can Go Backpacking With A Suitcase

Backpack Causes Packed Clothes To Wrinkle

A practical reason to not carry backpacks is because they crumple the clothes. The shape of the backpack and its hard solid layer causes it to wrinkle the clothes. To top it all, many hotels do not have an iron inside the room. The suitcase thus wins over a backpack.


Backpack Causes Back Problems

Backpacks, as the name suggests, are to be carried around on your back. Generally, it is easier to move around, climb stairs or walk carrying heavy weights behind you. Practically, backpacks are required to be carried with light-weighing stuff inside. Even physiotherapists recommend carrying a backpack weighing only 10%-20% of a person’s average body weight. Anything more can result is a serious risk to the physical health and can be fatal. Resultantly, the backpacks can carry light and hence lesser stuff. This problem vanishes while carrying a suitcase. It is both easy to carry around without having to worry about one’s health and spacious to accommodate the luggage.

It can be pulled or pushed around with nearly half the energy, thanks to the luggage tires, as will be used for carrying a backpack.


Backpacks Have Limited Capacity

Despite being of almost the same size, backpacks are capable of carrying lesser stuff than suitcases. Owing to its random shape and style of carrying, it accommodates 10% to 20% less than what a suitcase can afford to. Plus, it is a one-stop shop for carrying all your things in one place.


Backpack Makes It Difficult To Organize Things Inside

The elongated cylindrical shape is a major setback when it comes to organizing things inside a backpack. All you can do is just stuff your things inside the back in a jumbled fashion. It creates trouble arranging things inside the backpack unlike the suitcases, where your stuff stays well-organized and orderly.

Backpack Needs A Lot Of Effort To Carry

Unlike the wheeled suitcases, backpacks take a lot of exertion while lifting them up. Considering the weight it has, it becomes all the more difficult to lift them up and carry it on your back. It is equally exerting to remove the bag and put it down. However, the wheeled suitcases are easy to carry around, rolling wherever and however you wish to carry them. It takes nearly half the effort as that of the backpack.


Backpack Causes Inconvenience To Other Passengers

Backpacks often lead to staring eyes and complaining faces from passengers inconvenienced especially by their use in public transports or narrow paths. They awkwardly nudge other passengers in small and crowded spaces creating unnecessary difficulty.


Backpacks Make It Hard To Get Stuff Inside

The shape of the backpack is such that it makes it hard to both stuff things inside and take them out. Not only does it carry fewer things than a suitcase but it also makes it tough taking things outside. You have to nearly empty the bag before you can get what you wanted.

Backpacks Are Unsightly

Backpacks are not as appealing to the human eye as suitcases are. Despite their being made and sold by big brands, backpacks do not give as classy a look as suitcases do, settling the argument between backpacks and suitcases.


Backpacks Easily Wear And Tear

Backpacks can easily break because of the ordinary stuff used for its fabrication. The suitcases, on the other hand, come with a lifetime warranty and can be replaced or repaired whenever the need arises. This comes in handy especially when you do not know how your luggage will be transported from one place to another.

Backpack Can Easily Be Stained

A major problem with backpacks is that they need to be cleaned thoroughly too often even for minor stains which are hard to wash. Despite the protective clothing layer, the backpacks are easily stained and can be cleaned only in a proper wash.   The suitcases, on the other hand, if dirtied can be easily cleaned by slight sponging of the stained layer.



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